Personal Goals: Week Two

Monday, January 07, 2013

My goals are:

1. Run at least 3 days a week - shoot for 4 days.
2. Cut back to 2 cups of coffee a day.
3. Get out of my maternity pants!
4. Lose 5% of my weight. That's 9.3 pounds. I can do it!
5. Blog about my progress once a week.

My progress last week was kind of shakey. I did run two days. The plan is to run Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I did run Monday & Tuesday but Thursday I had a meeting at church that ran long and then my husband had to take his dad to the airport. I couldn't take the baby out in the cold weather. As an after thought the next morning I realized I could have gone to the gym at my apartment complex and run on the treadmill while he stayed in the stroller but I'm not used to doing that so it didn't cross my mind.

I did ok with cutting back on the caffeine. Friday I was so tired so I did have 3 cups - but that's pretty good. I was drinking 3 cups in the morning & 1 in the afternoon.

I'm technically out of my maternity pants. I was able to put on a prepregnancy skirt for church this weekend. A friend of mine gave me some of her size 14/16 pants that I can wear because my maternity pants are just too big. So technically I'm not wearing them anymore but I'm not back into my prepregnancy clothes. So I'm changing the goal to get out of my maternity pants to get into a size 12! I think I'll be able to accomplish that this month I hope.

I have lost 1/2 a pound since I blogged last week. I went up 1/2 a pound and stayed there for a few days but when I weighed this morning in anticipation of writing this blog I had lost that 1/2 a pound plus an additional 1/2 a pound. So only 8.3 more pounds to go!

I hope me doing this weekly blog will help me to be more accountable of my progress and since I know I will have to write about what I'm doing to reach my goals I'll be better about the choices I make.

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