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Monday, January 07, 2013

Ugh. I got on the scale today after a month and a half of illness and I was right. I not only gained back ALL the weight I'd lost, I added 3 pounds for good measure. So it is back to the beginning again.

Again. I have said that so many times in my life where weight loss is concerned that you'd think I'd have had enough of it. I think I have. After today, I will NOT start over on losing weight again. This is the last time.

But - how do you start something for the very last time? I think by doing a complete overhaul of everything. And not just diet and exercise. It must mean a total mental overhaul too. And a total medical overhaul. I may have to break down and let the docs put me on a medical regimen - meaning prescription meds - to keep the flares under control. That one will be hard. I just don't want to be on any prescriptions. But if it will fix this - then I will do it.

So I am going to join the Sugar Free challenge like Vintagepage and retool my exercise program based on my health and not on arbitrary goals. There. Done.

For exercise - we are gearing up on farm work again and that means lots of physical activity. We need to repair all the fencing so we can get our goats and a mini donkey. They are joining our farm family to help clear brush - and because they are just so cute. But I've made Joe agree that in order to get them he has to fix the brush hog so I can get in there and clear the field. And we need to build them a little barn to sleep in at night. And I ordered a spin dvd until my feet are cleared to taebo or run or whatever.

On the chicken front - Aggie and Ezzie have new roommates. We adopted Millie and Tillie from our friends who ended up - in kind of a 'my life' sort of way - with 19 chickens and didn't know how. I mean, not like one day they woke up and 19 chickens were squatting in the yard, but more like the county called and asked my friend's husband if he would be willing to take some poultry that were on a farm and not being cared for. He thought that meant 5 of 6. Turns out it meant 19 and they were overrun by chickens.

So we took 2 girls and Millie and Tillie joined our little family. Tillie is a little more challenged then all the others. She tries to drink ice. Their water froze the other day when the heat lamp went out and the other girls just moved over to the other waterer but Tillie kept trying to drink the ice. I had to pick her up and physically put her face in the other one. "Oh - look here! Water that isn't hard! How lovely. Look Millie! Oh - you've already found it! Isn't that just lovely?"

Dudley and the kitties have actually taken pity on me this past month and have been behaving. They knew I was sick and have stayed glued to me. I would like to think it is because they wanted to give me moral support, but more likely it is because I've been a human radiator lately.

And - I've taken other things into my own hands. Since there is practically no one hiring around here and I was feeling pretty low, we decided to go do something fun one weekend and ended up at a farm auction. The hope was that we would find some farm equipment we needed. Almost no one showed up so stuff was going for next to nothing. I mean nothing like I got an entire table piled with stuff for $2.50. Oh - and that included the drop leaf table. We had bins and bins of stuff. In them were all kinds of treasures that I decided to sell on Ebay. It has been a roaring success.

And now I'm opening a store on Etsy. I'm getting it ready to launch this week. It will feature all manner of vintage housewares, kitchen appliances, china, and linens. I'm having a blast doing it.

And that's when it hit me. If I can take control of other parts of my life, our finances, unemployment, a farm, and chickens, why can't I take control of my weight? I don't have an answer to that. So it must mean that I can. I just hadn't made up my mind to do it.

I did today.

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    I am so glad that you are getting back on track and starting new. Adapt,adjust,forgive, forget. That my motto for starting anew. I am stoked to hear that you are going to start the SugarFree Challenge. I am on Day 9 and despite my current health issues I am not craving sugar anymore and I am feeling the effects of that. I know that you will too. Just stick with it and you will see!

    You can do this, I know you can.

    1933 days ago
    I completely understand about the weight gain/loss thing. The same thing happened to me and I'm so frustrated. I am so glad that you are turning things around with the Etsy shop! Send me a link when you get up and running!

    Love your chicken stories.

    1934 days ago
    So happy and excited for many ways! Please share your Etsy link with me...that sounds like my cup of tea. I love auctions, although I usually end up wanting the thing that everyone else also wants that sells for big bucks!
    1934 days ago
    Your blog is terrific. I hope you put up link to your ebay and etsy...Learning to take control our lives is a life long process..and sounds like you are making it work. We have had chickens and made a decision this fall to give them all to our son as when we figured the cost of feed and we had to keep ours penned up due to so much wildlife eating them that it was cheaper to buy than to raise our own eggs and at our age we need to not eat as many eggs anyway. We have a constant chore in the summer of mowing and brush hogging...but even in our 60's we love this life. I too have an etsy store and need to get more up on it. I don't do that well on ebay as people want things there for nothing so harder for me to sell there. I'm hoping 2 of my DILs will finally have a yard sale and I can joint them..could sell a lot of clutter that way..Anyway keep up the good work and keep focused on doing what you know you should in this weightloss and getting healthy journey..BTW I have RA and have managed without a lot of the hard meds. My body doesn't tolerate me poisoning it with those meds and I have worse reactions to them. Taking Nsaids like Advil helped but then messed up my stomach and intestinal track so have spent the last year getting that back healthy along with my liver. I know how easy it is to gain it all back plus some..I was here before in 2008 and lost 50lbs and then got sick and RA flared and gained it back and then some. I did the same as you are doing last year about this time and all of last year I did the diet thing slowly and only lost 30lbs which I gained 5 during the I'm back to tracking now. When I came back last year I could only walk 10 minutes before my back gave out. Then in May I upped it to 15minutes and was doing 2 15minute stretches a day I can do 20minute stretches before the back screams..and hope to up it more this year and add other exercises..doing the little things don't get discourages..I will continue checking here from time to time and try to help you along. I love your attitude.
    1934 days ago
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