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The Power Of One - January 7, 2013

Monday, January 07, 2013

In anything I endeavor to do, all I need is one person to help me be the person I wish to be. That person is me. It's nice to have "a little help from my friends", but the real work to make this permanent has to come from me.

Lately, I have been reading about very successful folks on SP, who through sheer will and determination, have lost a considerable amount of weight. Now that they are realizing their goals, and have successfully maintained it for long stretches of time, even years, they are finding themselves bingeing and eating, when the hard-fought results are not being maintained. Chicken and the egg kind of thing. They hit a "plateau", cannot account for it, and then the destructive elements rear their ugly heads. Some have even posted pictures of these "events". It's painful to see. Not the excess of eating, but the pain that is being experienced.

Others have noted about folks who succeeded who are now scarce and wonder why. Is it because they are so successful that maintenance is a breeze and they no longer need SparkPeople, or is it because they have started with the "creeping back up" of the weight lost, that was hard-fought, won, and now show signs of slippage? It's a curious behavior, but far from rare, and I have noticed it, too.

Which brings me to what I have always stated: In order for this to be a lifelong success, deep exploration is really required. I do not believe, as someone told me not so long ago, that "we just like to eat a lot, and that's the way we were taught as children". It's not that simple, I think. Especially with the evidence that abounds about healthful eating, and how adjustments have to be made in poor eating behavior. I still believe one has to go to the dark places, do a sincere analysis of why they have allowed such unhealthy behavior for so long, self-correct, and then see if this doesn't "fix" the problem once and for all. This I truly believe is the key to maintenance, but who wants to explore the dark corners of one's soul? Many are loathe to do so. Hey, I'm with you there. But I really want this to be the last trip to WeightLossVille there is in this lifetime. So.....

.....anyone got a flashlight?
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  • NUMD97
    Sometimes I really need to reread what I wrote. Today is such a day. It's definitely more than just about weight.
    2565 days ago
    I think you have hit upon an important truth here. Really, life is all about relationships, and in this case, the relationship that we have with ourselves is what drives us to make changes or to stay the same. To move forward with different habits and a greater understanding of ourselves requires not just willpower, but understanding and growth.

    The dark corners of our souls.... not a pleasant place to visit, but necessary. Here's to finding the flashlights in 2013.
    2568 days ago
    All I can say is this. I have been in maintenance since July 2010. After that I lost another 20 lbs. which I have kept off since January 2011. So this is coming up on my 2nd anniversary of maintaining nearly a 100 lb. loss. Maintenance is, to me, very much more difficult than the weight loss part of this caravan. Why? Simply because I DID have to explore all the nuances of my relationship with food that don't relaly have a lot to do with the food itself, but rather the emotions going on. As you say, though, it is very difficult to explore the deep dark recesses of one's soul!

    I believe many things as a result of my continuing journey of getting to know me.

    1. Food is my addiction and I have to treat it as such. I have to KNOW what my triggers are, respect those and have a plan in place.

    2. I know I needed to boost my self-esteem. Many things in my life left me with "residual feelings" that had to be worked out . . . not stuffed down with food. Hard work! BUT for sure, coming to SP was the baby step I needed to take in order to restore my self-esteem.

    3. My relationship with food is not like others'. I have to be vigilant where others might not. In the beginning that made me pout, have hissy fits, be rebellious UNTIL I realized . . . hey, wait a minute . . . the only person I'm harming here is myself! I had to accept reality and I have. I can't take just one potato chip . . . ever! That leads to eating another, and another, and another . . . well, you get the picture!

    4. #3 is ok with me! So I can't have potato chips! There are tons of other foods that I CAN eat! I focus on the fact that for me, nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels.

    So, that's just a little of my own "take" on my journey through weight loss and into maintenance.

    HUGS and I think you have written a very important blog!
    2568 days ago
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