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Bad Habits

Monday, January 07, 2013

Today I am going to discuss bad habits and how they affect your weight loss. We all have at least one bad habit we know we need to change, and if you have a lot of bad habits, it can be hard. What I did was start with probably my worst--soda.

Before I lost weight, I had a major soda addiction. I would drink Coke all day long, like it was water. I usually had about 5 cans in a day. That is hundreds of extra calories, but no nutrition. The first thing I decided to do was stop this bad habit. I got a water bottle that held something like 32 oz and I made a goal to drink 2 of those a day and no soda. At first it was hard. I craved it so much, but after a couple weeks it went away and getting rid of all those extra calories made a huge difference and I started to lose weight. Now I rarely drink soda. I have a diet one sometimes, but not daily.

Another bad habit I had (and still sometimes have) is not getting enough sleep. I have insomnia issues and sometimes I just can't sleep, so I will read or watch tv and then end up staying up too late. I really try most nights now to get in bed by 11. I figure even if I am not asleep I am at least resting.

My other bad habit was eating too many sweets. I ate way too much junk food, so what I did to break this habit was not keep it in the house. If there are no cookies to run to, then you can't eat them.

They say it takes a month to create new habits. So, if working out isn't a habit for you yet, and rather sitting around is your bad habit, try to switch it. Make some sort of exercise a habit and make a conscious choice to fit it in, and when it just becomes something you know you will do, it's not so awful anymore.

So, think of one or two bad habits you have that are keeping you from reaching your goals. Maybe you also have a soda addiction. Maybe you go through the drive thru all the time, or order out for pizza or greasy chinese more than you should. Sometimes busting even just one of your really bad habits will make a huge difference. Get into a good habit that replaces the bad one. I make sure I have my water bottle filled and I take it with me places. This keeps me from drinking soda. It's amazing how the craving for it does go away over time. If you are always running to the drive thru for lunch or after work, take the time each evening to prepare a healthy lunch to take to work, or take a few minutes at the beginning of the week to meal plan so you can make healthier dinners. There are so many crock pot recipes you can make and have dinner ready when you come home.

Sometimes focusing on one goal at a time really helps before you move on to trying to do more. Once you beat your bad habit, you really do feel motivated to keep going and conquer more things.
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