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Push That Tush -- Balance

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Monday, January 07, 2013

Sometimes we look at other folks and wonder
how THEY manage to keep it all together.
Their lives seem so polished and ours feel rough and hectic by comparison.
What we don't see is how slippery it really is.
Sometimes that charmed lifestyle is all just a facade
And it can topple with the slightest wave of stress.

The further you distance the needs of others separate and apart from your own
the more you may end up distancing yourself from your significant others.
You need to ask yourself if you are really balancing yourself
or doesn't that attitude only distance you from them.
Harmony comes when you find a way to bring both needs closer together.

If you see everyone else's needs as important
and your needs weigh less than everyone else's...
Do you really have balance or is it an illusion?

How well do you accomodate the things that become important in your life?
Do they become your new priority
Do you put them on the bottom
Or Do you try to modify them to fit in (or modify something else)
with the other aspects of your life?

Sometimes you need to take time to look past everything IN your life
to see where you are going and determine if that's where you want to be.
And you should do it periodically...because WE change and so do our Needs.
It may be as simple as rearranging priorities

If you're pushing a rock that just won't move...
Do you need to modify it and round out the edges?
Or do you need a different rock in your life?

And in relationships...the best balance comes when both sides
have their own balance and THEN try to support the foundation between them.
It also works best when both side have equal standing.


Started today with a better mood...
ate a great breakfast this morning
planning on have roasted chickpeas for lunch
and veggie pork stew for dinner

Make it a great day emoticon
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