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Ever Want to Just Pound Someone Over The Head With A Mallet like the Coyote did?!

Monday, January 07, 2013


I was listening to a Jillian Michaels Podcast today while making dinner and I feel more normal when I hear her voice, her struggles, her frustrations...etc.

This person is 40 years old
a little overweight
sits on computer and sleeps and has a sales job
never exercises
falls asleep in the car after he puts it in park in the driveway!
can barely walk because his body is deteriorating and his nerves are damaged....his feet hurt him badly...
from type 2 diabetes and the fact that he doesn't test his blood sugars EVER
Has high blood pressure
Has high cholesterol
Has bed bowel & urine accidents
His body is eating it's own muscle because he does ZERO activity
Had heart failure a year ago
has a corner of our kitchen dedicated to his medication...and yet can actually forget to take it....

and yet....

if you check his car you will find empty bags and wrappers of candy and snack items
Will either NOT eat, or will eat a whole loaf of bread and 1/2 a tub of margarine in a sitting and down 4 liters of juice.

will complain about every freaking thing I make...even though everyone else raves about it...made healthy butter chicken tonight...and he complained because he couldn't taste the butter...give me a freaking break.
I will have to tell him to eat his vegetables
I will ask him to go on a walk...or take the dog around the block. (every 6 months or so, he's forced to walk and LOVES how he feels afterwards...forehead slap!DUH!)
He drinks raspberry syrup in coke by the pints
Gets moody, angry and tired due to do NOTHING, medication and laziness

Are you getting the picture....
I love this man...he is the reason I moved to this country...I have to honestly say...I hope he ends back in the hospital because at least he's their problem then and he's monitored and I can take my frustrations out on....well...nothing :) Id have none! LOL

My Tupperware Lady once said something...
"you being with someone so unhealthy, is like my husband bringing home rubbermaid(usa)/Sistema (NZ)"

At least if he was rich I could hope for a big inheritance one day in the near future, but all I'll be left with is NOTHING and no way to get off this island! I don't expect him to be an athlete, but I expect him to CARE and monitor himself and just not auto-inject his insulin without taking a reading...and taking ALL of his insulin...not just the slow acting ...blah blah blah....

So...do not feel you have to respond...I just needed a place to vent that he wouldn't see...why..because he doesn't use his SP account either! Big surprise!
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    Veggie hit it, he's an addict. I used to have some friends who were in a 12 step program and I could not relate at all to what they would talk about and their experiences until I really packed on the weight and finally had that epiphany moment where I did not want to live the life I was living or feel the way I did anymore. The hardest part is that more often than not you can't force that moment of realization on someone else. Hopefully soon he will see it for himself.
    1927 days ago
    :-( Aww. I'm so sorry!! Vent away - it's better to take it out here - in a healthy way - than have yourself going crazy!!! :-( ((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))
    1927 days ago
    I'm sorry you have to put up with this...

    Just take care of yourself and be ready to help him if/when he decides to make a change. Also, try not to let him drag you down. We're here to support you!
    1927 days ago
    Blah. Sounds really stressful. Unfortunately, he has to WANT to get help. I hope he figures it out before it's too late. :(
    1928 days ago
    Could he be depressed?
    1928 days ago
    I think you're right, some people are just complainers but won't do anything for themselves! You are leading by example and I just hope he wakes up and follows you before something awful happens to him.

    1928 days ago
    You live with an addict. Some people are addicted to crack, some people are addicted to food. I'm sorry you have to witness his addiction in control. I sincerely hope he will be able to recover and get healthy.
    1928 days ago
    woman, you have a problem. l feel for you. nothing that you can do about it, except start planning his funeral. maybe that will wake him up. if it doesn't, at least you are prepared.
    1928 days ago
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