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Monday, January 07, 2013

Listened to the Author of the Myth of Happiness on blog talk radio. What she said really resonated. She said several things I can relate to:
1. What you think will make you happy does for a very short period and then you become unhappy again...
2. If you are scared something is going to make you unhappy for life. When you face the situation you find that it doesn't...
3. It's the little things that count.

Her suggestions:
Make your bed every morning. When I was a kid we had to put the unfitted sheet back on (it always came off in the night), then the sheet on top under the itchy blanket, then the bed spread. In my teens we had duvets and duvets covers and I used to struggle with my duvets cover. For years I did not make my bed during my twenties until about 2 years ago at the age of 44 when I discovered FlyLady. Making my bed which is just putting the duvet back to covering the bed (no bed spread) makes me smile when I come home from work and go in my room. If I want to treat my boys I make their beds too. They are supposed to do it themselves but often forget...If Hubby is still in bed after I'm up he makes his own. I never asked him to he just follows my example.

Get up to greet a family member when they come or go. Don't just sit there and say Hi. In my ADHD household that is one action I am going to adopt. I know that when I had more energy and was up before my teens I used to hug my then 15 year old every morning no matter how rude he was the night before and that would send him to school on the right foot.

My daughter who only comes home every fortnight gets greeted by a wave from wherever I am (usually kitchen fixing something to eat or midst exercising). When she leaves I'm usually mid-exercising.

I'm sure hubby would love that. My Mum who used to be a lousy morning person would always go to the door and say goodbye to my Dad in the morning. Hubby and I often go to work together so no worries there but when we don't I'm going to make sure I greet him.

Social time. Ensuring you leave time for your friends. You manage to spend time physically with your friends. This is why I love working 4 days a week. I try to meet up with my Mum (yes she's my friends), my best friend or other friends at least once a month. This gives me strength and feel good vibes.

Gratitude this is a biggie. I try to list in my head the things I am grateful for and change the list every day. ie one day I will think of only one thing (although there is much more). One day I will think about what I am grateful for in myself, my family, my life etc..

Would love to hear your opinions:
What are you going to do to make you happy? Or what makes you happy?
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  • OOLALA53
    I don't know how I missed this before.

    I'm so glad you take greeting as important. Take it from a single childless woman who has not been in anything but very short or intermittent romantic relationships since 1996. I would love to have people close to me to hug hello. I appreciate it about my sister and her grown kids that we do, but I see them only a few times a year or less. I have a few friends whom I hug, but it's not often.

    I once read advice that said if you wanted a hotter relationship with your husband to always greet him with a 10-second kiss! Even if your mom is there. emoticon

    That may be asking a lot, but maybe starting with 2 seconds?

    Every time I read something of yours, I think I simply must get more regular with exercise, even if I start with 10 minutes a day. aargh!

    And I'm going to make my bed. (And start reading Flylady more often, too. Less Spark, more Flylady for me. I get her newsletter and hardly ever read it!
    1883 days ago
    I agree completely that it is the little things that make us happy. And, in fact those little things aren't things at all. As per your blog, it is about connecting with loved ones & friends and being content with what we have.

    1959 days ago
    I enjoy reading other people's blog entries and making comments.
    I enjoy reading and spending quiet time.
    I enjoy reitement. I left my job 1.5 years ago, and couldn't be happier. (Except for the juggling of finances, which I would rather not do.)
    I enjoy music, movies and my wife's company. She's also home.
    And I enjoy talking to my 90 year old dad on the phone.
    Not much. For me it's the simple things. Glenn

    1960 days ago
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