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Getting back on track after the holidays

Sunday, January 06, 2013

There comes a time I think in everyone’s journey in life, and particularly in weight loss, where we learn what our weaknesses are.

I’ve found mine. Of course I’ve already talked about my insane fondness for cheese of most varieties in my earlier blogs, but this is a weakness of another sort I’m about to write about.

It seems that I do just fine while I track my calories carefully, both those going in and those going out, but when situations present themselves that defy careful tracking, I have a tendency to screw up, even if only a little at times.

Holiday eating, well it’s risky. I was prepared at Thanksgiving with a cheat sheet all written out of what I could eat. I memorized it so I wouldn’t be needing to look at it at the table.

But Christmas roles around, and then New Year’s Eve. I didn’t know what to track and I wasn’t at a computer, at least some of the time, where I could track my eating. I don’t think my eating at the holiday meals themselves was a problem so much though, it’s what came after the meals.

Desserts, treats, leftovers, whatever it was, if I had it available and it was a non-calorie tracking day, I ate it.

Forget portioning it. Forget freezing it. It’s hard to have those kinds of goodies available on days I’m tracking, so I ate them on my non-tracking days.

Well, needless to say I put on a few pounds. Nothing disastrous I would have to say, but still, I paid the price. I gained three pounds.

I’m back on track, tracking my calories and I know that I can’t stop if I want to be successful. Or can I?

I ask myself that because I wonder, what will happen the next time eating holidays roll around? Will I be successful, or will I find myself experiencing the same weakness?

I have to conquer this, or every time I am thrown a curveball, I’ll risk screwing up.

Well, I guess that means that I can’t just ignore the situation, I actually have to do something about it.

Yikes. That’s scary.

What can be done? I don’t know exactly, but I think I have to occasionally put myself in situations that require me to exercise my muscles – not my quads or gluts – rather my self control.

I have to have a strategy or something to get through these little challenges or I’ll be bugged by them every time they roll around. Who wants to worry about that when there’s so many other things that I could be doing to enjoy myself, like focusing on people I’m with rather the food that’s there or the food that I end up taking home.

Maybe I should learn to decline doggy bags, or learn to give that food away, or at least share it with someone. Maybe the rule of thumb is, that if I eat the food, I can’t eat it alone. Actually, that sounds like a good idea. I’m less likely to eat too much if I’m eating all these sinful foods with someone else there.

So when am I going to have these unplanned food days? Well, this month a family member is having a birthday. I think that will be my first try at untracked eating since the holidays. Since it’s not my birthday, there’s no reason for me to be taking home cake, so that should make it a little easier to avoid succumbing to any unnecessary temptations.

At least one good thing came out of the holidays besides the holiday experience with family and friends, and that’s simply that I didn’t completely fall off track. I kept working out the whole time, no matter what was on my plate.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post

    You live and learn. There's nothing wrong with finding out that the best of intentions need a little more support, after all don't we all?!

    So there's a few pounds gone on: you know the right way to take them off, better still you know you can do it too. Come the next big holiday you'll be in better shape and better equipped to deal with temptations.

    Hope you had a lovely holiday all the same, and I hope the indulgences tasted good too - nothing worse than splurging when the food isn't even tasty!

    1965 days ago
    I'm so happy to see you back and also back on track! 3 lbs is a small gain and I'm sure you will be able to take it off again. I think tracking is important and a major successor, so trying to mentally track is a good learning tool too!

    I have faith that'll you do great!
    1965 days ago
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