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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Another new year, and I'm thinking this is going to be a good one!

I started off with a "make over" of sorts- new hair colour, lots of new cosmetic and beauty products and a few new pieces added to my wardrobe (t'was my late Christmas gift from my mama), to lead into my first goal of the year!

emoticonGoal #1- be a more fashionable and beautiful me in 2013!

I had a trip to my doctor to check my blood pressure, which was sitting in the borderline hypertension range earlier in the year (140/90). Good news is it is down a little bit (130/80) and she's not concerned yet as long as I can keep it going down and keep it in a healthy range!

emoticon Goal #2- manage my blood pressure for a healthier me in 2013, by eating well and exercising regularly!

I've actually lost a total of 10.8 pounds as of today, which gives me a great start to my next goal:

emoticonGoal #3- Lose 20 pounds by the summer, for a healthier and slimmer me in 2013!

I finished Japanese 130 with a grade of "A" last semester and I can currently speak, read, and write a little bit of one of my favourite languages! I'm now enrolled in the second class, but after last semester which has a doozy due to my Japanese language class being a double credit course, I've decided to add the following goal!

emoticonGoal #4- Practice listening skills and vocabulary EVERYDAY for at least 1 hour, so I don't overload myself like last term. Complete the course with a grade of "A" or higher, for a less stressed version of me in 2013.

I also ran into some trouble with my budget the end of 2012... living on student income can be tough, especially when they take so long to deposit the funds! I need to learn how to better manage my money, so, here comes my last goal!

emoticonGoal #5- Meal plan, to make healthy, affordable meals and be able to put some "emergency money" away for a more financially stable me in 2013, LOL.

That's it! 5 easy goals. I feel like this can be the year I make them ALL possible!

I hope you all had wonderful holidays, and I look forward to us all meeting out goals this year! emoticon

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