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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Change Your Metabolism, Look and Feel Years Younger by Dr. Peter M. Miller

This past summer I was at the Romeo Senior Center and picked up this book. When I got home and looked inside the book I noticed the picture of Dr. Peter M. Miller looked dated and found the copyright date 1989. I set it aside, not interested: but a moment later picked it back up, wondering what kind of diet message he was giving back then and how it compared with todays messages.

It turns out I liked the book and found his methods sounded valid. In fact, it is everything I have learned in the intervening years in one book. For 2013 I am following his guidelines. We'll see just how effective they are for me!

You eat less calories during the week, more on the weekend
To confuse your body when it wants to go into starvation mode.
Weekdays-calories approx 1100/day
Weekends-calories approx 1500/day

Recommended diet is a lot of grains, vegetables and fruits
Eating 4-5 meals a day
60% Complex Carbs
15% Protein
25% Fat

You THERMO WALK twice a day immediately after meals
40 minute walk after breakfast
20 minute walk after lunch/snack

You replace 3 of the 20 minute afternoon walks with
20 minutes strength training three days a week

There is much more to the book including diet menus, recipes, strength training exercises, how to build a maintenance program and more. I would recommend this book. It is probably available at your local library. Check it out!
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