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Safari Park/Last Part [pictures]

Sunday, January 06, 2013

To conclude my blog on our visit to Safari Park, I have a few more pictures. First is of the facilities where people can CAMP at the park - they call it Roar N Snore Safari and I've known a few people who have done this. They all said it was a lot of fun but the prices have gone up considerably so they probably wouldn't do it again. At any rate, it's something we've thought about and the cost does include meals, workshops and 'private tours' within the park so it seems reasonable to me - costs vary from $140 to $260 for a one-night stay, depending on the type of accommodations and level of luxury.

The tents overlook the 'African Savannah' and a friend of mine told me when she stayed there, she opened her window in the morning and a giraffe was staring at her from a close distance - cute!

One of my favorite areas was the gorilla enclosure - I could watch those guys all day! This particular enclosure contains Great-Grandma, Grandma, Mom, Dad and a Baby -
I got some fairly good pictures so will share a couple. Interestingly enough, when we were watching them, Grandma was 'babysitting' - turns out that Baby was being quite a handful that day and Mom needed a break so Grandma came over and offered to help - sound familiar to anyone??

Dad was hanging out watching the whole interaction but he wasn't really interacting with the others too much other than to watch. Here he is hanging out in the shade, just inside the cave.

Mom was enjoying her Alone Time on the other side of the enclosure from the others.

In this next picture, we can see Great Grandma, Grandma with the baby and Dad, going from left to right. I got the impression they purposely turned away from the people as if they were simply tired of being stared at. I noticed that every once in awhile they would look over at us, as if to say 'Are you still there? Can't you take a hint?'

The zookeeper was moving around on top of the enclosure with some treats so Grandma and Dad lined up for their handout. Interestingly enough, Great Grandma didn't see too concerned and Mom was still involved in her Me Time - at least until the food started to get tossed down, at which time she moved a little closer but still far enough away to let the others know she wasn't quite ready for company yet.

Toward the end of our stay, we watched the pelicans getting fed - they also lined up on their little 'island' and the zookeeper threw fish at them, which they would catch and gobble up - a little competition between them was interesting to watch. I guess they don't like "taking turns" when it comes to dinnertime!

We also watched the flamingos get fed and watched while the adults [presumably the mothers] took the food and then fed the 'babies' - the adults are pink, the babies are brown, but they are all about the same size so it seemed pretty funny to see this going on.

Here are a couple of closeups of the feeding process. Although the closeups give the impression the babies are littler, an examination of the picture above shows they are the same size as the moms and they have to scrunch down to get fed - too funny!

Tomorrow I'll share some pictures of our boat outing we had the day after we visited Safari Park. In the meantime, have a GREAT day!!
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