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Photo Shoot--Over! What a Relief!

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Youngest son is a fan of the Kardashian clan reality shows and I watch occasionally. We always laugh about what they did to get famous--be beautiful and rich? And I have read interviews about how "hard" they work. I always think, "How hard can a photo shoot be?" Well I found out yesterday, it is quite exhausting. Some of those poses were excruciating, and it didn't help that I was wearing my dreaded 2" heels!

In my new sweater with my hair done by a local beautician, I'm all ready for my photo shoot!

It would have been so much easier to go to the photographer's studio. Not only did he have to haul all his equipment out to my house, but hubby, son & I worked our tails off getting the main level of the house presentable. I have a very cluttered kitchen.

My somewhat 'decluttered" kitchen.

I do a lot of cooking and have a well-stocked pantry and fridge, so some of the over-flow is out on TOP of the cupboards. We did our best to rid the kitchen of most of the clutter after working for two days putting away Christmas decorations and cleaning it all. I spent Friday and Saturday scrubbing and cleaning my kitchen. Women's World wanted some shots of me in my kitchen preparing the fruits and vegetables that I eat now. One good thing about stocking up on that stuff is that now I have plenty to snack on. I must remember to always keep a fridge full of veggies, fruits and salad fixings! My weight is back down to 150.4 this morning and that is a GOOD thing!

So after transferring all our clutter mostly to the garage, we have spent today carrying it all back in and putting it away. I have been trying to throw out things I don't need anymore and get more organized. But I always think....I might need this....or that....or the other thing, and don't do nearly enough throwing away. I did find my hard cheese grater. It is like the kind they use in Italian restaurants to grate a little parmesan on your entrée. I bought it years ago, but recently have been buying the pre-shredded (never the grated stinky stuff that comes in a can) Parmesan to add to my salads. I had a chopped salad Friday for lunch at a local restaurant (Granite City), I love that salad, it is loaded with Parmesan cheese and you can really taste it. When I add it to my salads at home, you can't really taste it much, so now that I found my grater, I'm going to buy a chunk of Parmesan cheese, and grate it into my salad and see if it isn't tastier than the pre-grated stuff!

Thursday night, while I was out shopping for my new sweater (which I found half-price at Kohl's), my new scarf was in the mail and I received it Friday! My niece, who is a brand new crocheter, made it for me for my birthday, and I love it. I also discovered it matches my new sweater!

My niece knows how much I love blue, so there's all colors of blue in the scarf, including a lighter version of the sweater's turquoise. I really love it, and wore it in a few of the pictures.

The photographer is a well-known local businessman, who I was aware of, but could never afford to go to him before. He does a lot of work with local government and some local celebrities, so it was an honor to have him at my house. He was also very nice. Here's his website in case you're interested in checking out his work. He thinks that is how Women's World magazine chose him for their photo shoot--from his website.

I may buy one of the pictures he took of hubby and I (at Women's World's request), to replace this old picture from my middle son's wedding in 2006. I have this picture on display in my home, but always hated it.

I'm hoping Mr. Dale got a better photo of the two of us yesterday, since I'm 178 pounds lighter now. He noticed this photo hanging on my wall, and couldn't believe that was me!

Did anyone else watch the 20/20 Special Friday night, on weight loss, focusing on the People Magazine's "Half their Size" issue? It was wonderful. I enjoyed the segment on Ruby Gettinger and am glad to hear she is back on her journey to lose weight. I know how easy it is to get derailed. It was fascinating to hear how she could manipulate the scale by leaning one way or another. I had kind of lost interest in her show, during that last season, when she regained and was really making no effort to start over. But I'm still rooting for Ruby! I also appreciated the last segment about "Keeping the Weight Off." I am all too aware of how tough that is, and how 95% of weight-losers fail at it. I'm almost to 21 months of maintenance now, I keep track of that the 15th of every month. I plan to do something BIG to celebrate two years of maintenance coming up on April 15, 2013. Whenever I tell people about my loss, I always emphasize that I have maintained for over 20 months, because that to me, is even BIGGER than the 178-pound loss.
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