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Sunday, January 06, 2013

If you say something long enough, it becomes a truth, right? emoticon

My husband says complaining doesn't fix anything. But blogging about my food challenges did help me. All along, I've known what I need to do, but I've been reluctant to do it. Yesterday, I said, "Get over it and do it" and I did!

I painstakingly worked with my food plan. I used the recommended Spark plan and made a lot of swaps throughout the day. Referring to it throughout the day and drinking plenty of water kept me on track. I finished the day in all my ranges except protein. I was a little low there, but that's okay.

One successful day of tracking down. emoticon

Today is Workout 8 of 36. It's also grocery shopping day. I plan to get a fit fare menu item from Denny's. My favorite breakfast there is the bacon avocado burrito, but that breaks the bank at half the calories for the day in a single meal.


Track, track, track. I was skimming some old blogs and was reminded that I have been successful at tracking in the past, despite my insistence that it can't be done.

emoticon I don't wanna!
Again, I'm getting over it! Anyway, I enjoy being an inspiration to others, so I will strive to do so by setting a good example tracking and planning. Hmm, I might be on to something there. Weight loss is a nice motivator, but it isn't the thing that fires me up. What fires me up is the process of improvement and rejoicing and sharing the good choices and positive progress. I'll think about how I can craft that into a goal.

As I write this, there's an ad to the left on becoming a personal trainer. The person being trained is lifting weights and she has such a determined look on her face. I love it! I can do this!


I do a lot of walking in front of my TV these days. sometimes to a Leslie Sansone DVD, sometimes to whatever Netflix program I happen to be watching. The Fitbit is helping me change my lifestyle. I no longer track fitness on Spark. I have a plan to get 10k steps a day and I'm doing a 9 week workout program that includes strength training. Plus, I'm doing the plank a day challenge in January. I'm loving that, by the way. I haven't broken 1:30 yet, but I'm working up to it!

Anyway, I know I'm moving more with the Fitbit, but it's throwing my fitness minute reports off. Prior to using the Fitbit, I only tracked planned fitness, so the numbers were alot lower than the Fitbit minutes. Where I was challenged to make 1,000 minutes in a month, I am now completing that in under two weeks. I guess that's okay though. I am my own benchmark!

Here's my plan for the week:
S – WO 8 of 36
M – Zumba
T - WO 9 of 36
W - WO 10 of 36
Th - Zumba
F – rest
Sa - WO 11 of 36

Fitness Minutes
Week 1: 630

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