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Belly flubber

Sunday, January 06, 2013

The area of my body needing the most nip & tuck: midsection. Hands-down it's the blubber that's keeping me hiding under the covers, wearing baggy clothes, keeping my coat on in church.

That's awful isn't it?!? I love myself because God loved me first. So why am I embarrassed by Me? Why am I ashamed of that bowl-full-of-jelly-ness?

Rightly so, after 3 kids, the belly took a bit of a bruising. If I were Beyonce or Gwenyth with nannies and load of money to hire a trainer, yes I'd be rocking my skinny jeans at 4 weeks post-partum too. But at what cost? Not talking money, but what would I have to give up to invest that kind of time & energy?

Breastfeeding, for sure. Lose weight too quickly after baby and you risk losing milk supply for nursing your little one. I wasn't willing to give that up, even if I did have a million bucks. I nursed all 3 of my children until 15 months, 12 months, and 20 months. Working out hours at the gym during that time would have surely cut my nursing out of the picture. And a sidenote, unlike other women, my body didn't do that cool trick where you lose lots of weight while nursing. On the other hand, my special body said, "oooohhh, let's hold on to all the extra blubber just for funsies, k?!"

Another thing, I gave up my vanity *however unwillingly* to be a stay-at-home mom. I don't regret this, but I'm not gonna lie either! It's hard to give up all the little pamperings that make a woman feel like a lady! Nice clothes, jewelry, heels, makeup, puke-less jackets, nights out. There is a humbling that takes place that is actually a blessing in disguise. Now I usually embrace this process, because it is part of God making me more like Christ. To consider others better than myself. To lay down my life for another. To love. I know there will come a day where I can choose to pamper myself daily again. In the meantime, I'm in the trenches with the kids. No full-time nanny is taking my place so I can get stage-ready like a celebrity!

I'll get down from this here soap-box now. Before I got off on that tangent, I was telling you how my belly....well it surprises me, actually. It's got that hangy-downy thing over my underwear going on and I DON'T LIKE IT! I never though I'd have that.

Here's the challenge to myself: I'm going to practice a little exercise I learned as a health coach: show love to the areas of your body you dislike the most. Use an essential oil like lavender in warm water and, using a washcloth, actually rub that unwanted area with the beautifully scented water to express loving yourself--even the parts that make you go, "eewwww". Or, take that lovely scented lotion and use your hands to massage the area you usually think bad thoughts about.

For me, I'm going to show love to my midsection today. Although I'm consistently working at reducing its bulk, it's still part of me nonetheless. God made me, and so I choose to love me too.

What part of YOU do you need to show love to today?

God loves all of you!
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    I got rid of my belly bulge by omitting dairy from my eating. It's amazing how much weight one loses just by omitting cheese. Of course, I work my abs and I don't mean sit ups. i abhor sit ups. But sit up straight, stand up straight and squeeze those stomach muscles, etc. AND LAUGH. It's amazing the work out one can get just with laughing. =)
    you too, can have a flat midsection.

    1926 days ago
    OH how I relate to every single part of this blog! Great advice - I will be showing more love to my jiggly post baby belly too.
    1928 days ago
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