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My husbands company party.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

On Friday night (Jan 4th) my husband's company did there Christmas party. (So much cheaper after Christmas. Its a small company only about 30 people so with all the spouses etc. 60 people.)

Food wise they had some appetizers. Mostly crab, shrimp, tuna. (I'm allergic to shell fish so did not have any.) They had a pastry wrapped brie with a raspberry preserve. After trying a couple I could not taste the cheese, I gave up. I had one other which was a tomato mozzarella, nice but not worth the calories. So no more appetizers. I don't drink alcohol or soda, so I had iced water all night.

They had steam veggies, salad plate and potatoes on the tables. I asked for the bowl of veggies to be refilled. They had a craving station with beef and a pasta station. I had a small piece of the meat. ( sorry you veggie people) I went over to the pasta station and a chef was doing what ever you wanted. They had cooked chicken breast strips. Spinach, asparagus, tomato, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and on and on with other veg. Salt, pepper, garlic was added if you wished. Three types of pasta, white, plain and red and green tortellini. Marinara sauce and Alfredo.

Right in front of us the guy asked what we wanted and he cooked it there. He had two burners and off he went. It was lovely. I have never had this kind of a meal. I had one very small serving of pasta which he heated in boiling water in a wire basket. By the time the chef had finished your "stir fry" the pasta was ready. He added the heated sauce of your choice. It was quick and lovely! When I went food shopping today, I picked up the ingredients to do this my self.

For the dessert table. I took two strawberries dipped in chocolate. The second strawberry I stripped the chocolate. I did not need the chocolate and would have been happy with just plain fruit. I also had a small piece of chocolate cake. I made no more trips to the table. Years back I would have had two small dessert plates covered in stuff. I was proud of my self. I know some people might say I was not healthy but I say for me, this was a huge change!!!!

I really am learning so much about myself and how I handle food. It's different from years past. I can't put my hand on it yet but this time around losing weight it feels different. I can't explain it yet.
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