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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Today is the 12th - and last! - Day of Christmas. emoticon. Tomorrow Jan 6th is Epiphany, marking when the wise men or three kings visited the infant Jesus.

Well I've had a very busy week.

New Year's Day was Tues, and I worked Tues-Fri, 2pm-11pm, at my piddly pay job. It's minimum wage & very exhausting. At least I got time and a half. Crazy, crazy unprofessional place. I'm extremely grateful for the income, but it isn't easy. I dread going in there every Tues.

Wed morning my feet and ankles were still aching from Tuesday. But I went to church to help take down Christmas decorations. Went straight from there to work. It was an extremely long day on my feet from 9am to midnight; I was in pretty bad shape, ached all over, and cried out when I'd get in and out of a booth for break; cried out from the pain of getting into and sitting down in the car to go home, etc. I didn't know how I was going to make it through my shift Thurs.

Thurs morning before work was my last opportunity to visit temp agencies this week. I didn't Mon and Tues because it was the holidays and everyone was closed (but job hunted via computer on Monday); and I didn't go Wed because of volunteering at church. But I didn't go Thurs because I needed the extra rest, after Tues & Wed wiping me out. I made it through the shift at work on Thurs by will power alone.

I started taking vitamins yesterday at work, Fri, on my break, because I was stumbling-on-my-feet-tired. I had a baggie full of supplements with me. The 4th day of working there in a row, which was yesterday, Fri, is always the hardest.

I have a large box of supplements that I put into daily-dose snack baggies. But I hate swallowing them. I hate hate hate HATE taking pills but man oh man do they ever work! I was like the energizer bunny for the last part of my shift last night, and was less stiff and sore when I gingerly eased into the car to drive home. My feet and ankles hurt the least this morning, of any of the previous mornings. Usually they hurt the worst, on the 5th morning.

I eat healthy stuff regularly like fresh veggies and broccoli and whole fruit, and lean protein like chicken, so I don't understand why I need vitamins. But they SO work. The difference and the relief is way beyond placebo effect.

Today, Sat, I did housecleaning, cooking, and made a stab at catching up on teams, new team members, threads, and blogs. Colored my hair for temp agency visits next week.

Tomorrow is super coupon day, 5 coupon inserts plus Target coupons makes #6. I usually buy 2 Sunday papers if they have coupons, on the way to church. But tomorrow I might buy more than 2.

Today I'm also updating the church bookstore inventory sheet on my computer, for a count first thing tomorrow morning at church before open, so we'll have a final Dec 31, 2012 accurate inventory. I have to go to bed early tonight (um yeah, I'm not making that goal!), so I can be there tomorrow morning at 6:30. Will stay for the 9:30 & 11:15 services, then will be home and email the inventory. Then I need to get ready for the week's job hunting and ready for the week's working at the piddly pay job.

I haven't finished my SMART Goals for 2013, and am giving myself til Jan 15th to have them complete in at least a working draft form. Penciled in is fine, as long as I have SOMETHING.

That's my novella. How was everyone else's first week of the brand new year?
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    I think my vitamin and d3 really help me. I am seldom sick since I started taking them.
    1986 days ago
    hope you get a good job & do not have this strain hugs
    1989 days ago
    Well, mine has been fairly laid back. I am still getting used to having my oldest son's dog here. Since he is a medium sized dog, walking him is somewhat more wearing that taking out my Yorkie and my Chihuahua. I think he is getting used to my routine also, so things are beginning to go somewhat easier.

    My pastor and his wife were planning on going to the beach with their daughter and her family. On the way there, they had to go to the ER, since Sherry, my pastor's wife was getting an infection and on top of it an allergic reaction to Benadryl of all things. Then on the way back home, she felt considerably worse, so went to another ER, and now has been in the hospital about 3 days. The doctors are still doing testing. This morning in church, the pastor was there but asked us to continue to pray for Sherry.
    1989 days ago
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