Saturday, January 05, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR! SO i'm 6 days late. whatever :-P better late than never to say it..right? well with most things in the past few years, I've been "late with" or late to or even late planning. I decided to do my annual "I WILL LOSE WEIGHT THIS YEAR!" like every other american. Though this time it's a tad different. I feel it. I feel like i'm finally ready. I know, I know, I know what most people think.. sure you have said it 100 times in the course of the last what ten years like most....Why is now any different? I kinda touched base in my last blog from Oct. timing is everything.. well that was the foundation to this.. and i'm considering in building a house if you will. Foundation is key.. supports and holds that house up. So my foundation began in the fall.. it's laid and ready to start the framing of the house.
Framing a house takes materials, man power like a support system, and the right equipment/machinery. Well, so doesn't weight loss. So for my materials: I found websites besides spark people for recipes and creating a recipe binder, I inserted tabs and organized it by categories. By doing this, there is no excuse to a) be bored with food or b) say I don't know what to make... tapping into my creative side here. Also, I prepped my kitchen with what I need next to my microwave is a food scale, i have my cooking sprays, my spices, ingredients all organized. I am utilizing my second freezer so I hit up the sales for food within the last few weeks: buy one get ones on veggies and meats, I also started to batch cook and i label everything that hits the freezer so I know what's in there, how many points is in it and when I made it. I also stocked up on some other buy one get ones that I couldn't pass up... reduce fat popcorn, taco shells, rice, pasta, and other staples.

Organization seems to help too, if i need something I write it on my list... I go in 100 different directions in minutes and because I'm busy and very um.. distracted haha I need to write things down or I'll forget my ideas or thoughts. So my list goes on the side of the fridge next to my GYM class schedule which states hours (so there is minimal excuses there). Organizing the recipes into a binder by dessert, main, apps, etc. saves time too. Planning ahead, well that's a work in progress but if I take such excellent care in watching children which includes planning a head for their meals, snacks, diapers and any other need while out and about....why can't i put a tad extra thought into myself?

support system... good people in my life, my boyfriend wants to run with me, took me skiing because i wanted to learn, and took me hiking.... so my thinking has been something active daily... tad hard right now still working on scheduling kinks in my life.... but I even went as far as signing up for the work gym $6 is drafted each week so there is no more excuses.

So i set myself up for a solid 2013 and by that I mean, an awesome year. I know this year by my 27th birthday I will no longer hate my body.. I told myself when I met my new boyfriend "yay" :) that he's in such good shape, eats well and is very active..... I want to get back to how I used to be... and I truly don't want to be miserable and covered up at the beach like I have spent the last few years. He inspires me to be better.... and what I keep telling myself is summer is 6 months from now... and it seems far away but it always creeps up and time has been flying and i'm not doing it like I used to do. SO each day, I put my best foot forward.. and for instance yesterday wasn't a perfect day but I realize I will have days like this and what I take away from that day and what I apply to the next is key... for instance, I waited to long to have lunch yesterday so by the time I did eat... it was too late.. and i was like a Tasmanian devil haha... OH and my plans of running didn't happen... nor today.. but I had productive days and i need to structure myself better.. but like anything else in life is a learning experience.. take what you learn and apply it to next situation with a better plan of attack for a better outcome. I didn't continue the eating like that today, I got up and did my normal new routine... "cereal, juice and vitamins" and I put yesterday behind me. Today I did find myself doing lunch a tad late and saying on my "11 point lunch will work with nothing left, then I literally thought OH i'll just start over tomorrow...." Thankfully I came to my senses and cut the hot dog in half and had a 4.5 points to apply to dinner and found something to make with dinner points.. I may be over by 1 or 2 but I will be up late walking around a lot at work so not too worried.. But i will be packing fruit, veggie, ice tea, water and a tea bag with me for work... Prepped!

The other thing, if I'm out running errands and I feel my belly growl... (which i try to eat every 2-3 hours so I don't tear the house apart) but I have been planning a head with something healthy with me at all times.. but for my "oh i will be right back" and end up out for 3 hours I get hungry and I wasn't prepped once or twice and I find myself ohhhh dunkin donuts has a new breakfast sandwich or mmm I could go for a Wendy's jr. bacon cheese burger.... then I remind myself my house is stocked with food why would I spend money on food or snacks out? like that doesn't make sense at all... and that has been deterring me from drive thru's and convenience stores. BUT bottom line I learned, never leave without something with me.... so you don't eat it? well bring it back to the kitchen because it will eventually get eaten.

So Off I go to work.... gotta be able to pay for my "house" ha ha ha.... wishing everyone a nice night.... I'd say stay warm but if you happen to be reading this in a warm place I'm jealous and enjoy the weather. :)

:) Becca
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