Thank you SP! Jump starting my career

Saturday, January 05, 2013

hi Spark

I know it's been a long long long long time!

I just want to say, although my WEIGHT LOSS journey here is a roller coaster!
you have given me my CONFIDENCE and a YES I CAN attitude!

Yes yes, I need to get my butt back on the exercise mobil.

BUT since my last few blogs! I have enough confidence to JUMP FEET FIRST into my real estate.

I have since bought/sold a few property since my last posting...HENCE the MIA

now seriously considering getting my license!!!!

I know I left a lot of things "un-done" here in SP world!
Please don't be mad! I just can't do it all!

For the first 1.5 yrs here, you have helped me FIND ME! the Apirlrain in me!

And I have always said, I want that person to be me on the outside!

so here is to the first steps!!!

I am working on a flip soon! ALWAYS Wanted to do another one....but scared!
Managing my second commercial unit ;p

If I don't get my license...I am still going keep being an investor ;p

I will keep you posted!
Especially if and when I get out for a RUN!
been Sick for last 5 wks!!! SUX (well, it's a whole family passing it around)

but thank you if you are still here supporting me!!!!!!

spark on!!!!
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