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It's *still* hard. But I just did it. Don't think too much.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

So today I tried not to think. Get up. Feed animals. Get dressed. Go run. Well, except for Hub, who says he wants to download pictures I took of him as Santa at church with the kids and of course this takes 15 minutes and then the phone is synching with the computer so I have to wait half an hour.

Sometimes it's hard to be good.

And I had to decide to postpone going to the office today to get the run in. I decided I'd feel better all day if I did it. My brother and sister-in-law are coming today, and daughter, for MIL birthday, and so I figured I'd just stay home, make some soup, and then go on later tonight for a few hours. Getting ready for semesters is hard, and getting ready for three different classes, one never taught on semesters (we were on quarters) and one brand new one is even harder.

So all this hard stuff, and maybe I'm getting tough again!

To entice myself downstairs, I told myself I probably would not do all of my scheduled run. Today it called for an HOUR. Actually, more. A 10-min. warm up run, 3.5 miles at tempo (5 on the treadmill) and then another 10 min. cool down run.

So, I started at 4.5 (after a 3 min. walk), which is a nice easy pace (snail's pace for some, but who cares). I found that I felt good at this pace and skipped the walk breaks I had scheduled every 3 minutes. So far so good. That was a nice bonus.

Then I bumped it up to 5 for the 3.5 mile part. I figured I'd do my regular 6 intervals and cut it short, maybe doing my 10 min. cool down afterward and maybe not. It was hard again. My right hip is bothering me, though not so much that I felt like quitting.

I've had that hip x-rayed and there's nothing wrong with it. Sometimes I think i get a touch of bursitis, but really I think it's just an extension of my back problem (stenosis), and I can't do anything about that, so as long as it's mild pain, I figure screw it. If I quit every time something hurt I'd weight 245 again, which is much more painful overall.

So, I do my six intervals. According to the program, I have 4 more to go. Hm. Well, heck, I can do one more if I add 30 seconds of walking time. So I run 2:30 and walk 1:30. Then there's three. Well, geez, with the extra 30 sec. of walk time, maybe I can finish all 10. And I do!

The 10-min. cool down is left. I knock it back to 4.5. I didn't run all 10 minutes, but kept on me 3/1 split and finished it. Then I walked for 5 more minutes just to cool down and get to the five-mile mark.

Whew! I didn't think I had it in me. I really didn't. And so that's 3 days of running this week, on schedule. Woot!

Half the battle is mental. I'm tired. I worked hard all day. I have too much to do. Getting up and doing it is a monumental struggle some days.

It made me feel better to see a lot of people blogging lately about getting on track. Even the Slowest Loser guy said he'd put on a few pounds and was starting on a new even slower weight loss plan.

Sometimes I think we try to take on too much too fast and don't give ourselves credit for what we *are* doing. I didn't eat as well as I should have this week. But I ate less. For awhile there I was slipping into eating whenever I was hungry. Now, this was not as bad as I used to be, when I'd look forward to eating after a few hours whether I was hungry or not. But I was still doing that sweet/salty kick I can get on, and then I don't want to stop when I've had enough.

So, at least I waited until I was hungry. I need to do better about stopping again. I'm not binging, but I'm eating extra helpings of things that I do not need. BUT, I'm doing better this week. Next week I will do even better.

I've signed up for four gym classes plus working out. I'm going to run 3 days. I may not push myself as hard as I was for awhile, but I'm going to MOVE SOMETHING.

And not think about it. Just do it.
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  • HEAT7918
    You make me feel lazy! Don't worry, it's a good thing - you help motivate me and you lessen my guilt at the same time.

    I did week 3 of "5k your way" last week, then didn't run for 3 days (walked on 1 of them) and today I'm going to run day 1 of week 4.
    1925 days ago
    I didn't run yesterday or today. :( But I made my other goals of tracking my food, getting enough sleep, doing meditation. Tomorrow I will run because the Hubster will make sure of it!

    Like you, I take comfort knowing that others are trying mightily to get back to where they were over the summer. But we are doing it and that is the difference from other times, right? We are doing what we can and pushing just a little harder.

    We'll be amazing ourselves in no time. You'll see.
    1931 days ago
    I play those mental games with myself all the time. I'm constantly amazed by how much more I can do if I give myself permission to stop.

    Congrats. On the run and on you're continued quest to balance it all.
    1931 days ago
    GREAT JOB!!!
    1932 days ago
    1932 days ago
    AWESOME emoticon good for you. I think you have a ton on your plate to do all that too!!! CONGRATS you will be right back in no time!

    1932 days ago
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