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Saturday, January 05, 2013

We were out to eat last night and there was this couple sitting next to the us. I wasn't trying to be nosy but it was hard to not listen to the woman. She was so angry about everything, not bad day angry, this is just how the woman was angry. Her spouse really didn't talk he just sat there and listened to her gripe about everything. Her big dilemma was finding shoe laces that were perfect. Not to be judgy cuz I was way bigger than her at one point. But I was thinking, if this woman exercised would she be happier? Would she be griping about an old elderly man standing in way on the way back from the bathroom? This book I am reading there is a section about schizophrenics and it seemed like the most well balanced ones learn to cope with life are the ones who take up exercise to help balance out themselves and the meds that make them gain weight. It's just amazing how something as simple as exercise can make you a better person. A person that doesn't ruin your meal at a restaurant. Oh yes another reason to eat at home. Exercise makes me a much better person to be around.

Last night turned into a pricey night. We ended up getting Scott a fitbit, GAME ON! Then I got some new shoes, without toes, amazing I know. When I was a kid and teen and well a lot of my adulthood I wore birkenstocks. After wearing those for so long my feet were too wide to fit into anything. Never could wear womens shoes. Might as well walk in a store and ask whats the widest ugliest mens fitness shoe you have? The BEAST ok ya I will take two. But ever since I started running in my vibrams, my feet have gotten more narrow somehow and I can wear cute girl shoes! The shoes I got last night had pink on them, can you believe it? PINK!

Ooh yesterday at work was exciting. This HUGE semi was delivering to the place next door to my work and they parked infront of our place taking up like 8 spots. Our store is downtown so it's very tight for a semi and 8 spots is a lot. Anyway he was there a long time and we looked out and there was an ambulance taking someone on a stretcher. Turned out the driver had a heart attack while unloading. A woman just passing by knew CPR and probably saved his life since he had stopped breathing. He was responsive in the ambulance so all was well that we knew of. The issue was his truck. He was coming from PA and I guess if the driver leaves his truc,k no one is allowed to touch it for some kind of insurance reasons. So all the cops could do was lock up his running semi and leave it for someone from the company to come get. I am not sure if they flew someone out or what but 4 hrs later, someone came to take his huge semi. Good thing he didn't have the heart attack while driving in the city, he could have hit a building. He had the heart attack like 5-10 minutes after parking. They said he was blueish when he got there.

Been dancing up a storm lately. Since the snow wont melt, wont do anything really. I been replacing my running with dance classes. I love this time of yr, everyone is all motivated and pumped from the new yr and the fitness classes are packed to the gills with ppl. Makes it so much more fun that way. In my 2 hr fitness last last week I traveled 7 miles in class! All dancing and jumping around! Yay for Saturday, have a wonderful weekend you guys!
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  • THESB25
    It's so funny that you posted this - Nate and I were sitting at a restuarant eating Friday and all I could focus on was this lady sitting near us that was ranting about how they didn't give her enough tortillas and how the service was terrible, blah blah blah....her poor husband just sat there. I would be SO embrassed for him. People need to get a life.
    1964 days ago
    Great has been walk, walk, walk for me! Pink your a girlie girl now!
    And while I am on a sorta roll, Cayson arrived today. Pictures on blog.
    1965 days ago
    My husband works with a man who does nothing except gripe about everyone and everything. I told him I don't know how he stands it and he says that he used to try to tune him out but found that he was often in a bad mood after being around him. He can't avoid him so he has learned to be amused by him and will offer this idiot off the wall suggestions like, "What don't you put that in the office suggestion box." "Why don't you tell the boss that you don't like the way he is running things.". "When you are CEO of your own company you need to be sure and not make the same mistakes. " ROFLMBO!

    My BIL exercises a lot but it doesn't seem to help his schizophrenia. Maybe it doesn't work with some people. It does me but then I'm not totally crazy. LOL.

    I always loved birkenstocks. I have wide feet.

    My MIL's neighbor was once robbed and stabbed at a truck stop when he was driving a semi. Kind of freaky.

    I am soooooooooooo sick of snow. I hear we are in for more crummy weather next weekend.

    1965 days ago
    Dancing instead...I like that idea! I'm sorry to hear about the driver of the truck and I hope he's alright.

    The complaining woman sounds a lot like my mother. Some people are not happy unless they are miserable. Sometimes you can only walk away. :/
    1965 days ago
  • DNJEN471
    A local 11 yr old boy went into cardiac arrest while playing soccer. Perhaps it was just the exertion of unloading the truck? Makes me want to make double sure my kids (and me) are eating healthy and exercising!
    1965 days ago
    I guess it's just hard to tell. Maybe she does not feel well, or having a bad day. I guess maybe because I've felt that way for the past year or so. Thankfully that's all being fixed fairly soon.

    I sooo wish I could dance!! I'm just way too self conscious about myself to dance. Hopefully one day I'm at a place where I can dance my butt off and not care haha.

    Love your new background by the way, it looks so yummy! :)
    1966 days ago
    WOW that was a busy few days! And yay for dancing! (Poor guy with the heart attack!)
    1966 days ago
  • MAGA99
    exercise makes all the difference to my life
    I m bipolar n masive depressive n since I started exerciseing it has made such a difference in my life

    1967 days ago
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