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Happiness is knowing who your friends are/Jumpstart Day 5.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

In case you hadn't heard, I've been doing the January Jumpstart challenge this year. Today's the 5th day of both: my challenge, and the year.

Coach Nicole is so sweet about kicking my butt into gear. emoticon

Seriously, though, my legs have been sore almost all week. As in, since Day 2, when we focused on strength training for those. Nevermind that I did my usual at-work squats and calf raises on Day 3, which is outside the challenge, and nevermind that I did a mile in under 14 minutes for the first time in a while later that day.

I have been tracking my foods, and I think I stayed within my calorie range only one or two days. Tracking has been making me cut back on sugar, though--no more walk-by grab of a chocolate mini or mocha lattes at work, now it's coffee with a little sugar or creamer and a sugar-free pudding if I'm really craving it. More fruits and veggies have found their way into my diets, but I haven't quite made it to 5 servings every day yet.

Today's going to be tough, because we're going to a birthday party, and you never know what to expect at those. It's at 1, so I don't know if they're serving lunch or hope we get it ourselves before we get there... either way. The upside is, this means I have to go find a birthday present, and to do so I might as well go to Target, where I can also get my new Body Sculpt DVD, and while we're in that part of town, I can swing by the mall and do some mall-walking. It's dangerous, because mall shoppers are SLOW, and they don't pay attention to who they're getting in front of or how fast you were going before they all but stopped in front of you, but as long as I can keep the girls in the stroller, it's not too stressful. I'm going to head out for that soon, because the earlier in the day, the clearer the mall is. And it's warm in there, and dry.

Gotta start with some brekkie, though. I've been having eggs and toast all this week... today I think I'm going to just have a bowl of cereal... with frozen blueberries in it, and an orange on the side. And peanut butter, for protein. And coffee. You know, I've gotta have my coffee.



When we got the invitation for this little girl's birthday party, I asked my daughter if Kelli was her friend. She said, "No. She is not my friend." So I asked if she was at least in the same class, and she said, "Yes. But Aidan's my friend."

I mentioned to the teacher that she'd told me Kelli wasn't her friend, and the teacher thought about it for a moment and said, "Oh, yeah, Kelli spends most of her time with this one, here. Christene... she's usually over with Aidan."

I'm not sure which little boy Aidan is, but I am not surprised that my little princess, who loves to dress up, prefers to play with a boy anyway. Her best friend is a boy (he's 5 years older, my best friend's little boy) and the only people she ever really plays with are boys. I'm sure she's itching to play with her little sister when she's old enough for it, but I'm kinda glad to know she's got a bit of my tomboyishness to her, too.

Right. Breakfast. Here I go!
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