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"It doesn’t pay to get discouraged."

Saturday, January 05, 2013

OK. I can do this. You see, I was feeling pretty proud of myself this morning. Looking back at yesterday, I wasn't feeling great so I went and laid down last night and was watching Dr Oz. (I'm not normally a big TV person.) It was about The Biggest Loser though so I'm glad I watched it. It had some good ideas. Anyway, I was proud because I had not gotten to my 15,000 steps so I decided to get up at least during commercials and do a little jog in place until I got there. I MADE IT!!! So I was/am proud that I pushed even while not feeling great until I met my goal.
The problem is, today is weigh-in day for my Falling for Fitness Challenge. I went down from last week so again I was/am proud. BUT then I made a mistake and glanced up at all of my previous weeks during this challenge. See..

Week 1 (10.27):Weight: 145.6
Week 2 (11.3): Weight: 145.8
Week 3 (11.10):Weight: 149.2
Week 4 (11.17):Weight: 147
Week 5 (11.24):Weight: 150.4
Week 6 (12.1): Weight: 149.6
Week 7 (12.8): Weight: 147.8
Week 8 (12.15):Weight:150.2
Week 9 (12.22):Weight: 153.4
Week 10(12.29):Weight:150.8
Week 11 (01.05):Weight:147.6
Week 12(01.12): Weight: XXX
Week 13 (01.19): Weight: XXX
Week 14 (01.26): Weight: XXX
Week 15 (02.02): Weight: XXX
Week 16 (02.09): Weight: XXX
Week 17 (02.16): Weight: XXX

It's NOT over though!!! I see that in 11 weeks I have not lost anything but actually gained 2 pounds. BUT it's NOT over!!! I still have 6 weeks left!! I WILL NOT let this discourage me!! I will not let this pop my bubble!!! I CAN DO THIS!!! If I work REALLY hard I can still come out of this challenge having lost a few pounds!! I CAN DO THIS!!!
OK. I started this challenge out at 145.6. I am now at 147.6. If I can get to 143.6 by the end of the challenge then I will have lost 2 pounds!! NOT what my goal was, NOT what I had in my head at the beginning of the challenge, BUT it will be a loss!! I CAN MAKE THIS POSITIVE. I CAN keep moving forward. I can be ok with this. I can make peace with this and let it go and keep moving forward. KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!! I CAN DO THIS!! I WILL DO THIS!!!! I WILL BE OK! I WILL BE POSITIVE!!!

On a side note, one tip I liked from last night's Dr Oz show was the one girl's goal bracelet. She made a bracelet with a goal on it and put it on her dominant hand so that way when she went to reach for those bad foods she would see it and it would make her question, "Is it worth it?" I loved that idea. It was just a simple one like this with something she was working towards.

Fun! And I think it would help! Might have to make one! :) OH! Maybe make one that simply says, "Is it worth it?" That could apply to so many things too in life. Is the worry worth it? Is the argument worth it? Is the cherry pie worth it? And so on! WooHoo! Love a good brainstorm!! emoticon

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"I am at peace with my past. I choose to release the past now. I move forward by letting go of the past. I choose to forgive myself and others. I am grateful and happy to experience new joys in life."

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"One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself." – Lucille Ball

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emoticon 169 Days Until our Disney Cruise!
emoticon 5th Blog of the Year!
emoticon Today's Weight: 147.6
(Goal 132)
emoticon Yesterday's Steps: 15,310 WOOHOO!!
(Goal 15,000)
emoticon Take Your Vitamins Yesterday?
emoticon How was your eating yesterday?
Hmmm.. on the fence
emoticon Cardio Session?
Not bad, not fantastic
emoticon 10-minute Toning Video?
No. BUT again, I'm working on it. I'm building up. I'm not going to bash myself for this. I WILL GET THERE!!
emoticon Water?
DID GREAT!! Drank all my water and then some!!!
emoticon Tracking? How are you doing with tracking?
Not great in the food part. Did great with water, weight, steps, etc. But I my smoothies and soup and it's hard to track that. emoticon

emoticon RAW WEDNESDAY! Did you have a day of only RAW foods?
emoticon Random Act of Kindness? Starting with sending at least one Spark Goodie a day.
emoticon Saturday Weigh-In Goal: 147

emoticon Did you write your letter?
emoticon FEBRUARY 1ST GW: 146

emoticon emoticon emoticon MONTHLY GOAL WEIGHTS!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon HW: 205 | CW: 147.6 | GW: 132 emoticon emoticon emoticon
emoticon JANUARY 1ST 2013 SW: 147.2
MAY 1ST GW: 136
JUNE 1ST GW: 134
JULY 1ST GW: 132
emoticon emoticon emoticon 57.4 DOWN!! 15.6 TO GO!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Resolution #1: NEVER GIVE UP!!!!
Resolution #2: BE PROUD!!! BE POSITIVE!!!
Resolution #3: COUNT DOWN TO CRUISE!
Resolution #4: Do SOME sort of exercise everyday. Wether a few crunches, 10 minutes or an hour of cardio or an hour of yoga. DO something to benefit your health (mind, body, and spirit) Start TODAY!!! And EVERYDAY!!!
Resolution #5: TAKE YOUR VITAMINS!!!
Resolution #6: STOP CHEATING!! Gain Self Control and Willpower
Resolution #7: Continue BLOGging! (#7 & #3 go together like 2 birds of a feather) :)
Resolution #8: 15,000 FITNESS MINUTES IN 2013!!
Resolution #9: AVERAGE 15,000 STEPS A DAY!!
Resolution #10: Keep working on Tracking EVERYTHING!! Food and water and weight and fitness. EVERYTHING!! I CAN DO THIS!!!
Resolution #11: RAW WEDNESDAYS!!!
Resolution #12: Complain less, Compliment more.
Resolution #13: Regular Random Acts of Kindness
Resolution #14: Write more letters! Start actually handwriting and mailing out a letter at least once a month!

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