382 at last count!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

I keep a word document with all the people that joined the challenge, and I'm up to 382 now! If all 382 of the people lose their 13 pounds, the earth will be better for it! It's exciting to have so many people responding to the challenge. I have to do more than run the challenge in order to lose my pounds though!

This morning my daughter wanted to make pancakes. We found a recipe on Food Network for buckwheat and whole wheat pancakes and cooked them up. I ate 3, and they were really yummy with the sugar-free syrup I used.

Yesterday I got an entire hour on my Wii Fit. I have tried the strength training and yoga before and they are so hard for weak little me with the bad knees and all. But I did quite a few yesterday. Surprisingly, I am not really sore right now although I thought I would be.

I have recommited myself to tracking my food and so far in 2013, I have had good days eating-wise. I could really get in more veggies though to be honest. I get in my water even if it is a chore. Many of the challenge participants report that this is one of the hardest things to do. I used to resist getting it myself, but I am just chugging pure water from the tap out of my big cup with gusto! I started a streak to drink at least 6 cups but I am getting 8-9 now most days. Progress not perfection.

Hope everyone is reinvigorated with the new year with new commitment to health and fitness goals. Keep on sparking!
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