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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Well, I weighed myself today and the scale said 115 lbs! Halleluiah! I have 5 lbs to go! I am so far sticking to my new years resolution though I haven't really had a test yet. The test will be when someone brings something delicious to the office and sets it in the break room or at the front desk, where I sit. Will I be able to resist? Will I even want to resist? I really don't know. That will be a true test though.

I have come to realize how much I am truly visually stimulated by the sight of food. Whether it is seeing it at work, or on TV, or an ad in the paper or the grocery circular, or even when I am walking through the grocery isles past the donuts, past the cookies, past the freshly baked pastries, pies and cupcakes! I see food and start to desire it. I am working on not watching regular television because of the barrage of food stimulus on commercials. It is incredible what the 'world' wants us to desire, and what the 'world' is telling us about food. I should do a documentary. Just watch the commercials and listen to what they are saying. No wonder we are such a FAT nation! I sure enough believed it. I still do. I really have to struggle to not believe that certain foods will make me 'happy' and 'satisfied'.

I am still sticking to my plant based Forks over knives diet and I am LOVING it! No animal products, and no added fats or highly concentrated sugars. I am not 100% but I am working on it. My weaknesses are fats and sugars. The meat, the milk, the cheese... I can live without, but I do tend to grab a cookie or piece of cake (with eggs, fats, sugars...) But thats why I have my my new years resolution!

I noticed that lately it has been easier as far as my desires for foods are concerned. I mean I believe God may be changing my heart toward these things. I mean I really hope so because it is my only hope of truly maintaining weight loss. Otherwise the desires will overtake me and I will once again dive right in to weight gain. I really do hope this means I am on the right path. I want to believe God's truth and not the lies of the world about food. I have listened to the worlds lies for wayyyyy tooooo looooonnnnggg!!!!
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