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I'm not talking to my scale today

Thursday, January 03, 2013

I've been trying to kick-start my rededication to weight loss by weighing myself more frequently. Not to try and lose weight day-by-day (I know that isn't possible; I only "count" one week's actual weight, on Friday.) but more to track how my food is affecting my body.

One of the fun things I've definitely noticed is the effect eating out has on the errr... bottom line (get it? Pun totally intended.)

When I eat crap, I go up in weight from the water bloat and sodium overdose.

But this morning, the scale made no sense. Last week, I was 192.8 - I've stayed around 192 all week. I do like to check the evening weight to see how I do over the day. It amuses me to see the 196 on the scale at night, and see it drop back down to 192 in the morning!

This morning, however, my scale decided I'd lost almost 6 lbs. It read 187.2.

Yeah, no.

I wish it were true, but a one-day weight loss? No way in heck. It's POSSIBLE that I've built up some water weight, but I doubt I'm going to see that number stick over the next week or so. More likely it needs a battery change. ;)

All of my experimentations have shown me just how unreliable the scale is as a measure of our success. We tie so much of our self worth to that little battery-powered liar, that it's no wonder we have a weight problem in America.

The scale is a useful tool. I am using it now to motivate myself to keep a downward trend moving, but I know that it is NOT the measure of my success. I'm more proud of non-scale victories like going down a pants size, or running farther than I could before, or the weights I lift, than any number on the scale.

So how do YOU track your progress?
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  • CLARK971
    i usually weigh myself daily, but only record thursday's weight. after charting my weight for the past six months while in maintenance, i have seen a trend. my weight is usually 1.5 pounds below my goal weight to 3 pounds above my goal weight. anything in that range i consider normal for me. For me, weighing is a good way to make sure I am on track with maintenance. 3 pounds over could quickly turn to 6 pounds then 10 pounds over.

    I like BILL60's comment about the scale not being perfect, but overall telling the truth.

    1965 days ago
  • BILL60
    I weigh myself most Saturdays after working out. If the weight is not what my goal for the week is, I can usually tell why (too much food). I'm sorry to say that the scale is neutral. While not perfect each and every time, overall it tells the truth (in my humble opinion).
    1966 days ago
    I use the scale, too... But if I see "strange" numbers I use another one that we have to check it... I know that scales sometimes do not indicate the progress but it's easy, simple and fast way to keep track (especially now that I'm on maintenance).

    P.S. During these 1,5 year I have thought of many ways to murder my scale, but I guess I'm a patient person... emoticon
    1967 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/3/2013 1:50:07 PM
    When I stand on my scales (or at least this morning) it said that I weighed 190lbs. I was rather chuffed as I have lost 4lbs. When I went to show hubby the scales, I had the scales on carpet and suddenly I weighed 227lbs emoticon I hastily moved the scales to their normal spot and 190lbs and sanity occured.

    I weigh myself on Thursday mornings. Only on thursday mornings. My mother was a serial dieter and lived her life by the scale and was a nightmare to live with if she'd gained a pound and was maniacally happy if she had lost.
    I also judge my weightloss by using the jeans method. Do my jeans feel any looser? If they do, I know that I am going in the right direction
    1967 days ago
    emoticon but still emoticon let's hear how it has turned out!
    1967 days ago
    Ha. I've had that same, "Yeah, no," response to what pops up on the scale, too. I don't record any weight loss until I get close to the same number for at least three days in a row.
    1967 days ago
  • _MOBII_
    I track my progress (or lack of) by how I feel and how my belly feels. I can tell when I gain or lose by how my arms feel when I am sitting and cross them over my stomach....its hard to explain, but they are less comfortable there when I gain or bloat. Since having my gallbladder out almost a year ago, I notice it more when I am bloated or am carrying around water weight. I weigh myself almost every day more out of curiosity than anything.

    1967 days ago
    Don't forget that what you eat weighs something also, and can have an affect on the scale. Also, because it takes a minimum of 24 hours, usually more like 48 hours for food to pass from one end of the body to another, that will have an affect too. So what you ate 2 days ago was passing out of you this morning and can have an affect on the scale. It's not real weight gain/loss, but it will affect the scale. To watch the scale so much might seem like a harmless experiment right now but it can quickly turn into an obsession. That number will move around all day. Waiting longer in the morning to eat will make it drop a few tenths of a pound over a few hours but can end up causing weight gain later in the day. Drinking less water can drop a few tenths of a pound but is it worth it? It's easy to say we'll never do these things, but it's a slippery slope. Be careful. It is far better to get out there and live your life than to be tied to getting on that scale.
    1967 days ago
    Just try weighing yourself right before and right after a shower; it's amazing how much water our skin absorbs! I'm trying to appreciate the non-scale victories more and only weigh occasionally. You're right we put too much emphasis on the number, not the other successes.
    1967 days ago
    That is why the scale is to be used sparingly and with a grain of salt. I too weigh in any time I wish to educate myself, but only count my sat morning weight in as official. For this last year that system worked great. While I was on my strict diet and exercise plan I was really able to see how my body worked. I also would loose up to 5 lbs every night and I know that was due mostly to the hydration factor. The last month or so when I was not so vigilant about drinking water, etc. the change was much smaller.

    The wildest and most unexplained weigh in was the one I had a few weeks ago that showed a 5 lb increase in one day. But I really do think it was due to sodium overload and since I wasn't tracking I'm sure it was from weeks of excess sodium. Since I've gotten back into tracking, I am back to seeing and correcting as the day goes on. My scales are now making sense again.

    1967 days ago
    I have found that if the scale is unco-operative, one way to get its attention is b y dropping a large rock on it from a height of about six feet.

    Make Today a Great Day!
    1967 days ago
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