RE: Day 2 Of Being, Back Online Again Yippee.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

RE: Day 2 of being, back online again yippee, am so glad to, be back online again, as i missed you, all very very much, i have had quite, a busy day (it's not quite, over yet lol), as i went to see, my Mum this morning, & i took her, over some Shopping lol, lol i had a, small list as Mum.

Did not want much, Shopping at all lol, lol what i did, get her was as, the following list is,

A small Toastie loaf = 75p
2 X bags/bunches of 50p Radishes 2 x 50p = £1.00
A Newspaper (Daily mirror) = 50p
Something else at £1.00 (cant think wot it is).

I got back into, Town @ 12.30pm &, went to see my, friends who work in, the Paper Shop @ the, Bus Station in Town, & then i managed, to get the 12.50, pm Alma Park Bus, Home which got me, Home 4 exactly 12.55, pm i have to, admit 1 thing since, i have lost weight (3 stones 1 lbs).

I seem to have, more energy than i, had b4 i was, diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic, now when i leave, my Flat to get, the bus up Town, it only takes me, 10 mins to walk, from my lovely Flat.

Where as before when, i used to leave, my Flat to get, the bus up Town, it would take me, 20 - 25 mins, to walk from my, lovely lovely Flat etc, bearing in mind that, all the times i, did have a bad, leg caused by Cellulitis, (this has completely, gone now thank god, !!!! !!!! !!!!), i hope it has. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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