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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Yep. I tend to post quite frequently whenever I start a new program or re-start or whatever--maybe to be more accountable? Or maybe just because I like to type alot lol. Or I'm on my manic swing...hehehehe. Whatever works, right? :)

I think about a lot of stuff. I had a second 'okay' eating day. I say okay because, while I ate more veggies and limited my grazing/snacking, I still ate a LOT at supper. And I really have no idea how many cals it was--I just threw together this and that and ate a portion--so my sizes of stuff would be considerably off (how much is a little less than 1/2 box of pasta? Or x amount of lean ground beef--pasta sauce 'until it's saucy'. Very hard to estimate--and I'm not going back thru the garbage to pull out all the wrappers and write the numbers down). I would wildly guess it's somewhere between 400 and 7-800 cals. I think. I don't know. I will start tracking--right now I'm just getting into the non-graze groove (back, back in the new york groove) :D

The other thing that I ate that is bothering me--I had some really yummy brussel sprout and an orange at lunch--and had the worst stomach knot/cramp later in the day. I had to stop a few times almost doubled over, and started getting short of breath, etc. Then....bam! It 'released' right in the middle of the health food store. I stood there debating whether I should drop everything and run to the nearest washroom, or see if I could make it home. I did manage to make it home--and then I was fine. So that was really really weird. I know I have some trouble with broccoli and sprouts and 'heavy' green stuff if I haven't eaten it for a while. I always assumed it's just my body re-adjusting to the greenery. :) But maybe there's more to it? Maybe just too many green things at once--my poor colon/intestine didn't know what to do! Lol.

I haven't heard anything back from the doctor yet about my blood tests. This is good, it means there's nothing alarming to discuss. Still need to get to the bottom of things though--so now it's the physical exam and pap test and sending away of the samples. yayfun-not.

I've been perusing all the new blogs the last few days--hundreds upon hundreds (thousands??) of blogs--all saying the same things. I wonder how many of them will still be here in 3 months time. Even 1 month...I DON'T want to be another 'new year' casualty. I'm very determined to figure out what actually works and using it. To that end--it is a little overwhelming and exhausting sometimes, trying to figure out what is 'right'. I am constantly questioning myself--how I'm eating, is it right? Too much protein? Too little? Too many meals? Not enough? Everyone has a different way, there are a dozen different answers and all of them are right...and none of them are right. I feel like I should be writing my own book--carefully wading through all the stuff out there and trying to figure out what works. For ME. Because what works for one may not work at all for the other person. So it really is subjective--and it can be SOOOO hard to figure out things. This is partially why I've avoided trying to lose weight for so long--when I finally decide I want to, I haven't a clue what I 'should' be doing.

This is what I AM doing right now--based on no one single approach, just pieces that I picked up that seem like they might work for me:

emoticon Increasing my protein. Not a high-protein diet, because I'll get sick of that right quick, but simply...more protein than before, mainly for the sake of it being more satisfying.

emoticon Increasing my veggies/fruits. Veggies are healthy! Full of good-for-you stuff. 'Nuff said.

emoticon DEcreasing my junk food grazing. I will still eat junk food, just a lot less of it, and more carefully chosen.

I figure those 3 things alone should make a difference in the scale, before I even start counting cals/tracking. Hopefully. :)

emoticon Weight training 3x/week. Consistently. And with proper form and all.

emoticon Possible maybe just maaaaaybe training for my 8k in June again. Though I may just power walk it this time. Which will involve stretches on the evil cardio machines until the weather gets nicer.

This one is very iffy though. I don't want to take on too many changes at once--and cardio, especially indoor machine cardio is my least favorite thing to do in the whole 'new fit me' department, may be implemented at a later date when I'm more habitual with the first two things--eating and weight training.

I need to go now--I actually have to work in the morning! Yikes! :)


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  • TEMPEST272002
    I have been accused, many times, of over thinking things. You too? LOL Listen, after almost 3 years on SP I have learned a thing or two. One of the most important things I've learned is that you don't have to do the "right" thing, the perfect thing, all the perfect time. Keep making an effort, like you have today, and those changes will add up on the scale.
    1938 days ago
    Morning Mar - good blog! I love how you write/think. It can get a bit complicated if you over think it. I have found that less is "more". Keep it simple. Throw out the bags and boxes where possible and eat as "clean" as possible. Be a little hungry between meals, and add a little protein to those brussle sprouts - maybe it's one of those foods that need to be combined for easier digestion. Maybe a little brown rice?

    Keep going - you're on a roll!
    1939 days ago
  • MR.NET1
    1939 days ago
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