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some things to try

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Ok, so if you want to improve your health and or lose weight in 2013, here's a few things to try:

1. Try one new SparkPeople recipe a week
Go on the recipe finder, find a healthy lower calorie recipe and make it for dinner

2. Add an extra fruit or veggie serving a day- make sure you get at least 5!
If you have only been eat 1-2, make sure to add at least 1 more a week until you get to 5, if you are already at 5, try for 6- see what happens.

3. Eat a protein filled breakfast with some healthy fats.

4. Take your multivitamins, if you aren't ona regimine, ask your doctor, nurse and/or trainer for recommednations.

5. Make sure to get 8 glasses of water daily

6. Kick the diet soda habit..
Get rid of those extra chemicals in your body, they can be slowing down your metabolism and filling your intestines with toxins.

7. Get 6-8 hours of sleep a night.
our metabolism moves slower if we are fatigued/tired

8. See our physician once this year, even if we are gfeeling well, get our blood pressure and cholesterol checked.

9. try one new workout tape or workout class a month. No need to spend money, ask a friend or neighbor or co-worker if you can borrow a workout video of theirs, and try it out! You may find a new favorite!

10. Invest in an inexpensive pedometer, and get 10,000 steps a day.
Here is an easy way to burn extra calories when you are low on time.

11. Get an inexpensive kitchen scale. Measure your foods, it makes a difference in calorie counts.

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