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2012 recap, 2013 goals!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I know I haven't been as active here, but I've still been chugging away! I figured I'd give ya'll an update on my past year.

My 2012 goals, and my progress:

1. 12,000 fitness minutes for the year.

I honestly stopped adding them up every month, but I'm sure I hit that number. I basically did rugby non-stop from February until the end of September at least twice, if not 3 times a week, besides my own workouts.

2. 1,000 fitness minutes every month.

Again, I stopped adding it up, but I know at the beginning of 2012 I was a lazy sloth and wasn't doing anything, lol. Same for October, when I decided my body needed a break.

3. Post monthly goals & updates by the 5th of the month (barely making it this month!).

I don't know if I made it by the 5th, but I know I did this every month (even if they weren't posted here, I posted them elsewhere).

4. Continue Primal Eating plan as much as possible. 80/20 rule.

I think for the most part I followed this, but honestly, I think I need more like 90/10 to lose. I can stay in check fine during the week, but when I eat what I want on the weekends and am not as active, I end up maintaining. I am still learning what works for my body, and this is one of them. I need to eat nutrient-dense foods, and stay active, to lose.

5. Lose 15lb by March 23. This probably sounds odd, but a good friend of mine has this goal because she is going on a cruise then, so I am joining her!

Totally did not happen. I think I lost like 2lb by then, lol. Pathetic!!

6. Goal weight of 155 by end of the year (about 35lb loss).

See above. However, looking on the bright side - I did end the year at a lower weight than I started it, and hit my lowest adult weight ever in the 173-174 range. That didn't get logged, since it didn't stick around for more than a day or 2. I was able to actually lose weight from Thanksgiving until Christmas, then 6 pounds appeared after Christmas, that has made no intentions of budging yet!!

7. Finish CFT course work and get certification! I need to finish it by May.

DONE! I worked my butt off for like a week straight to complete my final exam. I was up till 11 or 12 every night working on it. The T/F and MC questions were fairly easy, but the essays and program development sections took a lot longer. I completed it late on a Friday night (the day it was due) at like 2am (hey, I figured it was 3 hrs behind in California so it was still Friday there, lol). I was told it would take 3-5 days to process, so I figured it would be at least middle of the following week. I got up the next morning and got an email with my results at 10am. I literally cried when I found out I passed with flying colors. Unfortunately, I've done nothing with it, other than train myself and help out friends here and there. It's not something I expect to make a living off of (at least not right now), but it was my backup plan when I was unemployed 2009-2010. I refuse to work in a commercial gym, where they're just out to get someone's money and don't really care about their progress. They have probably 8 or 10 trainers at the gym I go to, and I'd personally only train with MAYBE 2 of them, based on what I've seen when they've trained others. I've actually SAVED money getting certified myself, over what they charge, too. I've looked into hospitals or other rehab type facilities, but they always want someone with a degree in exercise science or kinesiology, certification not required. WTH. But, moving on.

8. Increase fitness & power/powder-endurance (explosive power). I'm not sure how to measure this, however. Burpees?

I totally did not work on this like I should have. Also, I did not make this goal quantifiable, either. I remedied that for my 2013 goal. Sure, I can say I want to do x better/faster, but an improvement of 5 seconds on a 5k time isn't really much of a challenge, or doing 1 more burpee in 5 minutes, either. Goals need to be specific and measurable!

There were also a few other goals I added throughout the year:

*re-evaluated a goal weight of 170 by the end of the year
If I hadn't gained back after I hit the 174 mark, I would have been pretty close!!

*10-minute mile for 2 consecutive miles
I actually had to amend this further, as I got out of shape, and do one 10-min mile, which I did do. :)

*35 minute goal time for 5k
My last 5k in June I had an official time of ~35:10, which I am counting as a success! :) My previous timed 5k (I think Oct 2011) was 37 minutes and some change, at around the same weight. But I wasn't able to run the entire 5k in October (I had to intermittent sprint it, as I just came off fall rugby season), but I did in June. My very first 5k I was around 200lb and was just under 40 minutes, for comparison. So I dropped 20lb and shaved almost 5 minutes off my time.

*got rid of all size 16 pants
DONE! :)

So a recap of what I did better in 2012:

Overall, I did better with my nutrition, more veggies. Good or bad, I became a coffee-drinker (don't ask me where that came from after 33 years, lol). I have a better understanding on how certain foods affect me, and what to avoid. I was able to actually lose weight between Thanksgiving and Christmas, drop a pants size or two, and get down to my lowest adult weight. I can lift heavier (which I need another blog post about). I got in about 3 chin-ups!!! Taking time off, but getting back on the wagon when I need to.

And things I need to focus on doing better in 2013:

Kicking the booze. I've done well the past month, but I need to keep doing it. It clogs up my liver, and makes me eat more. Pushing my limits. Focus on positives.

Goals for 2013 I posted on my Sparkpage, so I'll always see them first!!
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  • SUSIEQ911

    You've had quite a few successes!

    1965 days ago
    well done Shar keep focused girl emoticon x x
    1965 days ago
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