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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Today has been a long hard day at work and I remember now why eating healthy is sometimes so difficult - I didn't really have time to make food today. Fortunately I am in the habit of eating some fruit for breakfast and some salad for lunch . It wasn't too difficult to just go and grab an apple and a yoghurt for breakfast, not to chop up some lettuce as soon as I got back from our walk to mom at lunchtime, a bit of low fat salad dressing and I was good to go. Fortunately for me, I had got some pork loin out of the freezer last night, it was still a bit frozen lunchtime but I just dumped it into the crock-pot with some pre-made low fat sauce and just let it sit there all afternoon (yes I know I am lucky, I work from home but when I used to work at 'the office' then I just dumped stuff in the crock-pot on my way out to work in the morning). Nothing fancy, no chopping onions, garlic etc. because I was in a hurry. Supper time is a dangerous time for me - food not yet ready but tummy past ready ! quickly saute some mushrooms (warm a bread roll for hubby) and microwave some peas and some corn - voila supper is ready - just take a piece of the lean tender meat from the crock-pot and serve with lots of veggies. For hubby, I put the pork on a home-made wholewheat roll and poured some of the sauce over and served with the veggies .. quick easy and that danger time when snacking or just grabbing something quick and unhealthy is past.

Often I put boneless skinless chicken breasts in the crock-pot and tip in a can of low fat chicken broth - the rest just depends on what is available (fresh veggies) or on how the mood takes me. I never use that cream of chicken or mushroom etc. soup - if I want something thicker and creamier then I include some natural thickening such as potatoes or butternut squash etc. maybe touch of corn starch later on.

OK .. back to work for me - I just had to share that with you because I really enjoyed my supper even though I didn't have time to cook today and need to keep working this evening

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