Wednesday, January 02, 2013

So, big news is that we are expecting our third child. Yay! So, it's supposed to be a great time and enjoy it and just roll with it. Well, it is supposed to be right? I feel more stressed right now, then when i'm trying to just maintain or lose a couple of pounds! I know that there will be weight gain. I realize that there is healthy weight gain and baby weight gain and weight just gained. I get it. However, it's more stressing trying to just gain healthy weight in these last 3 months than losing the 60 + lbs i've lost over 2 years! I will talk to the dr about this and just do the lighter exercises and make sure to eat extremely healthy and not over due it. But, it just seems more stressful bc I don't want to feel like i'm depriving the baby. Anyway, it's still great news. I just think why can't we just have a baby and not worry about the weight. But, with my first two i gained 50-60 lbs. I really want to keep the gaining under 35 lbs. Maybe it'll happen....I hope so anyway...
How many of you struggled with this? How did you handle it? Did you just say forget it and let it ride? Did you keep stressing about it? Give me any ideas you can...I just can't keep stressing about it, I will make myself crazy bc your body will change over the next few months, you will gain weight, these are things that have to be accepted, but it's hard when you've put in all this work and time, and even made goals you didn't think you could only to be told that you can't do it for the next few months (dr said no spin, spin was my cardio heaven). walking and yoga and light weights if wanted...just nothing over head...and walking....really? i got to where i was running.....running! ME! never would've thought that i would run a little more than 3 miles in under 35 minutes! (34:10 to be exact). running...just walking and yoga/pilates and light weights.
I am excited to be adding an addition to the family, to be given another gift. it's just my mental state of vainity that i'm struggling with. then there's this small voice saying "WHAT IF" what if i dont get back in shape, what if i can't do it again, what if i can't can't can't. i just hope my determination will kick into gear and i'll lose it and get stronger and keep going with my new changes before this. maybe that's what it is. maybe i'm afraid of going back to where i was. maybe that is why i'm stressing out. going back to not being active, not being healthy, or not feeling comfortable in my skin.
any other ladies felt this way....maybe a little?
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  • DANLIN60
    Congratulations, this is a very happy time for you so don't be all stressed out about it. Talk to your doctor and I am sure he can give you guide lines and just follow what he says. make sure you are careful with what you eat and how much you eat. Exercise portion control. don't let having a baby for being a reason to giving yourself freedom to go on eating binges. use common sense at all times and be strong. You can do this but about everything else enjoy the fact that you re having a baby!!!


    Danlin emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1938 days ago
  • SARA80
    Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement!
    1939 days ago
  • JACKIE4019

    1939 days ago
    Congratulations Mama!! When I was pregnant, twice, I was so sick, all the time , that I didn;'t gain much. First pregnancy, I couldn't hold anything down-so I I picked on Goldfish crackers thru-out the day..2 here, 1-3 there...I gained 15lbs thru Ben's delivery. Pregnancy 2 ended at 5 months, with a gain of about 6lb. not due to weight gain at all, but a genetic defect. I can't imagine how frustrating this is for you as you await your brand new bundle of joy....just know that you both are being prayed for, daily!
    1939 days ago
    First, mucho congratulations! emoticon

    Next, is there some medical reason you can't spin or run? Female athletes continue to go and go until fairly advanced in the pregnancy. (If there is something, I apologize for bringing it up)

    Finally, best wishes!
    1939 days ago

    I think it's probably normal to stress out a bit about the weight gain aspect when you've worked so hard to lose the weight. I've only had one child and due to it being a difficult pregnancy I lost 19 pounds instead of gaining anything...BUT...I'm sure others have felt what you're feeling and can offer some advice to you! Just talk with your doctor and together I'm sure you can work out a plan that works for you.
    When it's all said and done you will have a beautiful addition to your family and you WILL be able to lost the weight, get in shape and get back to the kinds of exercises you enjoy! Just take care of yourself!
    1939 days ago
    Congratulations! I am very happy for you.
    1939 days ago
    1939 days ago
  • ARW715
    1939 days ago
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