sitting here crying with both eyes twitching....

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I can't believe how evil my family really is.... I mean god I knew they were a$$holes but I never thought they were this rotten, I mean rotten to the core rotten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everything is on me and I'm in so much pain from the fibro, my both eyes are twitching, I just don't know what to do.
I got a call today he wasn't breathing right and my nephews wife just left him to go to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN YOU LEAVE A MAN WHO ISN'T BREATHING RIGHT????????? HEARTLESS B#TCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN YOU LEAVE AN 86 YR OLD HOME ALONE LIKE THAT?????????????????? AND SHE WENT TO SCHOOL TO BE A CNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My brothers don't care, my nephew was asking him why he called 911 yesterday, like he was mad about it....
My aunt passed away this is how messed up my family is my cousin who put a restraining order on his own daughter when she wouldn't pay more rent for the apartment she was renting from my uncle( he put her rent up 3 1/2 times when his father died last November cause he was letting her pay cheap rent cause she has a baby and is a single mom) so she said she couldn't afford it so she moved.... she wasn't allowed to see her grandmother after that and now she died...... They are making it a private wake and funeral just so his own daughter can't pay her respects to her grandmother (grandmother who adored her)!
so my dad said i never thought he was the rotten i said well don't get me going cause your son and grandson upstairs (my nephew ) didn't allow us to go see them for like 6 yrs and my son never got to see his grandparents unless they came over so that's two rotten b#st#rds right there....
I went to my dads today gave him his breathing treatment, checked his oxygen... now my nephew and his wife never called the whole time i was there to see if he was okay!!!!!!!!!!!
I love my dad and I'm watching him die before my eyes... my nephew finally put the hose up in the tub... I had to tell him to do it again yesterday when the oxygen guy came to fix my dads tank... of course me again there for my dad... Don't get me wrong I love him , but I'm in so much pain I'm not even sure how I've had the strength to go....
My nerves r shot, constant twitching in my eyes and my husband said i woke up with my hands praying..... i guess i pray so much for my dad that i automatically put my hands like that now....
I'm so disgusted with my family, my other brother said he was sick all weekend so he couldn't come over throwing up , diarrhea, but he was okay to go to work today????????? come on i'm not stupid, he tells him that so he doesn't have to come over, the other one hides his car in his yard... and I'd love to know who took all the contacts out of my dads cell phone cause u have to delete them one by one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Heavenly Father,
    I bind all spirits of death and disease in Jesus Name...I loose legions of ministering angels to my friends Father and my friend. I speak life into my friends Father and I ask your Angels to protect and comfort my friend. I plead the Blood of Jesus over them both for healing and restoration...
    In Jesus Name I pray amen.
    Love you and will continue to pray.
    Nan emoticon
    1999 days ago
    You are doing the best that you can and you may need outside help with him. Most of all let him know that you love him and would like to do more but your illness is holding you back from doing more.
    1999 days ago

    You're doing the best you can. That's all you can do unless you start taking care of your father yourself. And that's not something you can do. Have you considered looking into what options are available for retirement homes ? Since he's a veteran, he may receive some supplemental benefit for an elder care facility or retirement home.

    It sounds like your father may need more regular care that your family can't or won't provide. You really have done everything that you can. Don't ruin your health ! You've been through a lot these last few weeks. You've get to start looking out for yourself or you risk putting yourself in the hospital.

    Don't blame yourself. you really have gone above and beyond to help your father. Your siblings are selfish idiots. No way around it.

    Look into retirement homes in your area and father's budget. This way he'll have someone looking after him 24/7 and well, he'll be out of reach of his greedy son.

    1999 days ago
    OMG we haven't been keeping good contact. I am so sorry I haven't been around for you. I must have lost your blogs. HUGS and I haven't a clue what to say to help. Mostly I wish you to get well, I wish your dad not to suffer, and then I wish you the courage to not bother with your family if they cause you that much grief.

    HUGS and you sure don't need this stress.
    1999 days ago
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