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A funny thing happened down the gym

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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Actually it was a bit odd I was AT the gym, the reason I got there this evening instead of having the evening off that I'd promised myself is that they have hot water down the gym, something I haven't got at home at the moment, owing to my defunct boiler.

'Defunct boiler'. It sounds like a very offensive description of a woman of a certain (in other words my) age doesn't it? In this case it's a worn out gas appliance.

Anyway, while at the gym, before I allowed myself into the shower, I was pedalling away furiously on the stationary bike and I noticed something. This realisation has been creeping up on me in fact but I noticed it particularly because I had eaten a nice nourishing plateful of beans on toast before going to the gym (some of my SparkFriends who will remain nameless have broken into a guffaw at this point and you wrong me, really you do. I am a Lady and nothing untoward happened. That's all there is to it. Don't judge me by your own standards) and I could see myself sideways on in the mirror and, well.


You see, I used to avoid looking at myself sideways in the mirror when cycling because the sight of all that gut bouncing about put me off my stroke (to mix a metaphor).

Really, how can I express this? I now have much less poundage, much less bounce to the ounce. My shadow has certainly grown less. I'm not saying there isn't plenty of wobble still, but it's greatly reduced.

In fact, I even wish there was a mirror closer so I could have a better look.

PS: I'd been under the gym shower two minutes when the water ran cold. No kidding. It's just not my day.
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