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A Confession. I am one of THEM...almost.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Please God, not me.
I have turned into one of THOSE people, one of 'THE EX'ES'
You know how when you were not young...but younger, doing what you wanted, when you wanted, with whomever, you had the world by the you-know-whats...and old enough to be afraid of turning into your mother, or father, or ---fill in the blank---. Well, its happened to me.

I am not worried that I turned into one of my parents....
"Turn out the light when you leave the room!"
"Close the door, you are letting the heat/air out!"
"Put on a sweater because I think its cold in here!"
And my personal favorite..."Get off my lawn!"

I can deal with all of those, I turned into my dad and I am rather proud of it, lol! What I turned in to is 'One of The Ex'es"
Let me 'splain.
When I was younger, the people who were ex smokers were the people who bothered me the most when they tried telling me how awful it was for me. After all, they should know how much I enjoyed it because they did the same thing, no? But all of a sudden, they are somehow superior to me and all up in my face about it. I always just smiled and nodded and sooner or later they would go away.

Well, I am a former smoker but this isn't really about that, that was just my example...this is about food.

All of these things that I used to enjoy, burgers, fried foods, cake, pie, you name it, all that junk that makes your tastebuds dance....
I look at it now and wonder why the hell would anyone put that in their bodies?! I catch myself checking out other peoples grocery carts at the store and seeing how much processed junk is in there. Things that hardly register on my radar as food anymore! I am not talking about the occasional pack of hotdogs or doughnuts that sneak into my cart, but the carts that are overflowing with NOTHING fresh. No fruit, no fresh veggies, no cuts of meat or frozen fish for that matter! Just box after box after cans of premade JUNK!
I want to go up to the soon-to-be owner of this junk and yell at them "Look at me! Look at what that crap will do to you! Do you feel bad when you wake up? Do you drag yourself through your day?!" "Do your joints ache and do you run out of breath 3 seconds after you start moving?"
(Think Dory from finding Nemo) Do ya, do ya, do ya?

Then I think of how I was when I was on the receiving end of unsolicited advice. Nothing closes me off faster than someone pushing themselves and/or their views on me. It makes me feel like I am being judged and they find me inferior. ESPECIALLY about my personal (bad) habits. Does everyone feel like that? I don't know.

So I sit back and try to put my information out there politely. Like when my sister tells me she has a new food allergy and eats it anyways....or my other sister lamenting about being lactose intolerant and addicted to Starbucks....They bring it up, THEN I offer my opinion. Although to be honest, I make fun of the second one because she usually calls me from the bathroom, so she gets what she asks for, haha!

With strangers, however, I am a bit nicer about it. I love when I buy an 'odd' food, like jicama or kale and the cashier or someone in line asks me what it is or what I do with it...I am all over it about how good it is for you and then follow that up with an easy recipe or an easy way to eat it or something like that.

I try not to feel smug or superior to anyone about anything and I try not to come off that way, but I DO want to share information and improve the lives of those around me...even if I don't know them personally.

One of these days, if you ever hear about a crazy-bleeding heart-tree hugging-ex junk food junkie picketing a fast food restaurant or going ballistic in the cookie aisle in the grocery store....please bring a salad and bail money and come save me!
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    emoticon Glad you've made it there! I've got a long way to go!

    1962 days ago
    Nothing wrong with being an "ex"; sounds like a place more of us need to be. My change is steady, long lasting and gradual; eventually I will migrate from processed stuff completely. Lastly this cracked me up: "One of these days, if you ever hear about a crazy-bleeding heart-tree hugging-ex junk food junkie picketing a fast food restaurant or going ballistic in the cookie aisle in the grocery store....please bring a salad and bail money and come save me!" LOL!! Too funny.

    emoticon Mobii
    1963 days ago
  • MOXIE26
    It amazed me when Jamie Oliver had his show a couple of summers ago and he went into a kindergarten classroom with a basketful of fresh fruits and vegetables. Kids weren't able to identify a tomato!! I actually tested this at my school and found some students who did the same thing!

    I have to admit, processed foods are in my home but they are the exception, not the mainstay. We also have pizza regularly from one of the locals spots on Friday nights. The rest of the time, we try to use the freshest whatever we can find. It just tastes so much better!!!
    1963 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I could have written this blog, but please do not read mine today,, You will go off the deep end.. emoticon
    I do the same thing,, Why are they buying frozen kids meals, pre-made baby food, formula, candy bars and diet coke, ice cream, a lawn chair, hot sauce, doughnuts and a douche`????????
    My smug butt actually looks out of the corner of my eye to see if they notice what I bought too!! Not so bizarre and sicko ,am I????
    It takes all of my self-control not to shake my head until I get out to my car..
    As my uncle the poker player used to say, "Aren't we a pair to draw to?"
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1963 days ago
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