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And so it begins... (Goals for 2013)

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

You're right, of course, you're always right.

Sparkfriends, you've inspired me to write out my goals for the year... because that's what I've been reading this morning--your blogs listing your goals for 2013. It's not that having them listed off to the side of my SparkPage isn't helpful--it is. But if I make a blog about it, I'm not just putting it out there, I'm more active about it, and I can more easily report on it... actively. And it's easier for me to get feedback, see? Just what I need.

My weight loss goals, as they are listed on my Sparkpage, follow, along with how I intend to achieve them and measure my successes (or setbacks).

Goal 1: UNDER 200 by January 19, 2013--My weigh-in yesterday had me at 205--showing that I've gained two pounds in the last week. On the other hand, the rotary scale showed me at 203, and this morning I checked it out and it sat squarely at 200!**See note below (In Goal 1B) about my two scales.

I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN BY for starters, doing the January Jumpstart Challenge. I can hardly believe it myself, but this morning I dragged myself out of bed to follow Coach Nicole on the lower body sculpt video, then made my breakfast and got my girls ready and out the door on time--and get this, I didn't even get up earlier! I actually hit snooze a couple times on my alarm... and would have done it a couple more times if I hadn't thought for several minutes about working out.

I will make healthier food choices--I've taken the bowl of candy off my desk at work, and I've gotten some sugar-free pudding for a healthier choice to all the candy we still have sitting at home, thanks to my husband buying my 3-year-old a 1-lb bar of chocolate in addition to four bags of Hershey's Minis and Kit Kat bars to fill her stocking with. The only one of those I tend to crave is Mr. Goodbars, and I think we're just about out of them. We've thrown out a lot of the junk food my dad brought (and I admit, I ate a good bit of it, like a box of peanut praline, and several red velvet cupcakes). I've pulled some fruits from the refrigerator, where they would sit until they go bad, so we can see them and eat them, and I'm making sure some fruits and veggies end up as part of at least two of my main meals every day. For instance, today I've brought some oranges to work, and tonight I'll have steamed carrots as part of my dinner. (and maybe get my daughter to eat a couple!) All food will be MEASURED and all food will be tracked here on SP.

I've got myself equipped to go for a walk as soon as I get home--clothes are laid out to change into quickly--and all I have to decide is if this is something I want to do before I get my girls from school or after. All exercise will be tracked here on SP.

On or around the 19th, I will measure/weigh myself and see where I stand. Before then, I will weigh myself weekly, either on Saturdays or Mondays.

Goal 1B: 196 is the goal weight for me to be "overweight" rather than "obese" on SP's BMI calculator! I have a scale that shows BMI, too, but I am not so sure about its accuracy. Most of the time, the weight it shows seems to be fairly correct, but some days it swings 10 pounds up or down, even if only a couple minutes pass between first and second tries. I bought that scale to get more accurate results when I weighed myself, and now I'm using my old rotary scale more often.

Goal 2: 180 by March 4, 2013--I believe I have set myself some hefty weight loss goals at about 1.67 pounds lost per week, but I did this with the full expectation that I would hit my first goal early, and therefore would have a little extra time on the following goals. By January 19, I should have really strengthened my healthy habits and need to be continuing and improving on them during these couple months.

Goal 3: 170 by May 29, 2013--I have given myself 12 weeks to lose 10 pounds in this part of the year. I do expect to hit plateaus, and I want to take that into account, but I think my goals will also be affected by my daughter's neurosurgery in mid-March. I will take at least a week off work, at that point, and I will be spending most of my days at Texas Children's Hospital--I say most, but I don't know that I will actually leave the hospital until she has been released. I will be providing myself, and possibly my older daughter, with whatever pre-packaged food we can take with us, or with food from the hospital's cafeteria, which is kinda like the food court at the mall. I don't know what exercise I will be able to get, whether or not I will have internet access to track food and workouts, or... anything. I am not the kind of person who stops eating when there's something to worry about, and I will need to make sure I am maintaining my nutrition because there will be nothing so comforting to her after her surgery as the boob. So I will be eating, and drinking, and pumping until she's ready to eat, but I don't know how well I'll be doing or whether I'll be able to get any exercise.

All exercise and food will be tracked, weight will be recorded once per week, measurements will be taken once per month. If any adjustments need to be made to my program, they should show themselves and I can make the necessary changes.

Goal 3B: 163 is where I go from "overweight" to "healthy" on the BMI calculator!

Goal 4: 160 by August 24, 2013. Okay, honestly, by this point, I expect to be thinking about getting pregnant again... and a healthy pregnancy would be the next goal! Theoretically, at this point, I should be quite happy to maintain my weight, but I will probably continue to look at it as losing until/unless I get pregnant or until I stop losing by doing what I'm doing.

Goal 4B: 143 pounds on the scale would equate to the middle of the "healthy" range on SP's BMI calculator. I'd be thrilled to be anywhere in the "healthy" range, but you have to have something to shoot for, right?

But wait, there's more!

I want to participate in at least 2 5Ks this year--one will be in September, the Julie Rogers Gift of Life Ribbon Run, which is our local breast cancer awareness organization. I have paid to be in that 5K for two straight years, and have missed it for one reason or another both those years. This year, rain or shine, I plan to be there, and if it's raining, well, then I hope I am able to make other arrangements so my girls don't have to suffer through it.

I want to participate in the Sea Rim Striders summer series at least twice. Last summer, I caught a couple of these, but I really struggled with them because my daughters weren't happy in the stroller for very long. At one of them, my baby girl decided to walk with me half the time, and she picked flowers for half of that time, so I managed the 3.25 mile walk in about an hour and a half. The Striders were actually clearing up by the time I made it to the finish line, having already had their pizza party and everything. I didn't even get to make my time official... which isn't really a bad thing.

I want to find a way to get back to bicycling this year--I have a bike, but it's just sitting there in the shed getting rusty, with its flat and dry-rotting tires. Thing is, I need a trailer I can put my kids in, and those aren't exactly in my price range. Then there's the whole concern of keeping the kids in the trailer while I'm going... then other safety concerns like helmets and stuff--I grew up riding a bike without a helmet, but I didn't know about stupid drivers when I was a kid. I can attest to the fact that people FLY down my little street, despite the really terrible pitting and potholes it has. It's not a smooth ride at all, and I usually manage to go about 25 or 30 on the nicer parts of it, but there are so many bumpy areas that you can't get to that speed for a worthwhile period of time. I don't see the point in trucking out to the Hike and Bike trail, which is about 20 minutes away, so if I can't ride around my own neighborhood, I'm not sure I see the point. Besides which, I've been at that trail, and the bikers go pretty quickly there, against the flow of foot traffic (I don't know why it's set up that way!) so my girls might not get hit by a CAR but they could still get run over.

I want to get back to school--again--sometime after March. Assuming my job continues to last, I will be at a desk with internet access and should be able to turn all my work in... not to mention do the reading that I am assigned, because... unlike my last attempts at school, I will not be watching my daughters all day long. As much as I love them, it is hard to concentrate on a book you need to read, nevermind write a paper about it, while keeping them fed and entertained. If I get started up soon, I might get my Bachelor's degree in English around the end of the year.

I want to feel more financially secure by the end of the year. I have been tracking spending on Sparksavings for the past couple weeks, and I am working on ironing out a budget that will work for us. I do not know, however, where the girls' insurance will stand after March, by which time I might be eligible for insurance through work, nevermind whether we'll end up needing to pay for my baby's surgery, or whether their current insurance will take care of that in part or in full. If I become a permanent employee, I believe I will feel more secure in my job. I am exploring options like selling knit hats and scarves, and the like, online or by word of mouth... but nothing certain has taken place there. Toward that end, I was thinking that if I am able to knit one hat a week, I would at least have a start.

I guess that's about it. I want smaller things, like to buy my girl a new bed to grow up on so I can move my baby into the crib, a new couch, and stuff like that. Those aren't really goals in the same way, but they are things I want THIS YEAR. March will include my husband's and my 5th anniversary (but we were together for about 5 or 6 years before that, too) which seems to be something of a milestone for us. I want to get him healthier, too--get him off his diabetes medicine and eating better foods, in general, so my kids will be more likely to follow my diet than his... but I don't have any kind of plan for this except to try to make healthier foods more appealing...

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    1995 days ago
  • SAMI199
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    Boy-you are the best goal writer ever!!!! I know you have the determination to do whatever you put your mind to.I'm behind you all the way!

    1996 days ago
    Great goals! I like how you started with ones that are real close - feels good to get some out of the way right away!
    1996 days ago
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