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New Year and Paleo

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The new year has begun!

With it, the end of the semester is approaching. Three short weeks! I can't WAIT. Next semester, I will finally have a real curriculum.

With it, I am officially president of my alumni organization in DC. It's going to be a whole lot of work. And I mean, a whole lot. Especially since the outgoing president, who remains on board, and I are not getting along. So I will be working hard on not letting him affect my general working on positive behavior and outlook.

With it, the new me! I just plain feel rejuvenated. I'm ready to try new things and not set myself up to fail.

I decided to give paleo a go. I'm specifically doing the Whole30 program, with 30 days of hardcore. I like how it resets the system and then adds foods back in to see what affects your body in what ways. As in with everything else, not everything in paleo agrees. In one book, eat when you're hungry, don't eat when you're not. In another book, eat three square meals and snack only when ACTUALLY hungry. I'm going to be going a little more by the first one, only because I don't have a set schedule at school. As I have block schedule, never do I have an exact notation of when I can do what consistently. So I like that little bit more of freedom.

Yesterday was technically day one, but I'm changing my mind and calling today day one. Mainly because now that I'm back to real life, this will be the real challenge. So yesterday was a practice day. ;). TOM is also a-coming, so this is an "exciting" time to be making these changes (yes, that was most sarcastic...In a I'm laughing at myself kind of way).

I remembered food today! Granted, not as fleshed out as it's supposed to be, but dude. It's a start. I'm cooking the chicken tonight, so that I always have protein on hand to munch on. It's what I forgot to do last night, so that's fine.

Otherwise, no real resolutions. Monthly goals with longer term goals in mind.

For instance, since this search and 30 day thing is about health, I have finally done it.

I put away the scale. I'm not weighing in or measuring or taking pictures until the 31st. This will probably be the hardest thing for me, oddly enough. I'm so used to waking, restroom-ing, dropping clothes, and stepping on scale. So this will be a big change.

So that's that!
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    I've done two rounds of Whole30 and have a TON of books/info. Post holidays I am getting back on the Paleo wagon because I felt so much better! Looks like we live near each other these days although SoCal is where we call home.
    1967 days ago
    Good luck to you on doing paleo. My little girl (5 yrs old) is on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and for me it was so overwhelming in the beginning as I'm the one cooking for her. We've been doing this diet for five months now. Once I got organized and just made sure to have everything I need at home for her, it got easier. It's a bit more work as I make everything at home but it has done wonders so far for her. I know myself I followed it for the first 3 weeks and lost 12 lbs but unfortunately I went back to my old eating habits.

    You'll do it! You're a very strong person! emoticon
    1967 days ago
    Keep it going! I think the easiest way to stick to that type of program is to do a lot of batch cooking with splitting things in ready to eat portions. I am changing up my breakfast routine, so I am going to prebake oatmeal, egg beaters, and turkey sausage. I think it will make mornings a lot easier. Here's to a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2013! Get it girl!
    1968 days ago
    I'm going back to paleo for the new year as well. Haven't read the Whole 30 book yet, so I'm doing my own thing instead. When I did three weeks of paleo in November, I was feeling really good, so I'm looking forward to getting back to it. I actually got an awesome paleo cookbook for Christmas, I'm excited to make yummy food!

    You've got such a great attitude for the beginning of the new year, I love it!
    1968 days ago
  • MARTY728
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1968 days ago
    You can do it!! I'm gradually going Paleo myself, and it's pretty dang easy. It's essentially the same as clean eating, and I like that there's not really rules - just real food when you need it. emoticon
    1968 days ago
    I do 'stricter than paleo' but FOUND paleo whilst searching for things that meet my dietary guidelines.

    (I'm Celiac and was diagnosed LATE, so I have done considerable injury to my body which now doesn't tolerate A LOT of foods--I'm also congenital lupus, so I avoid a bunch of other foods, including nightshades, you've run across bits in your books about 'autoimmune,' that's me!)

    You'll do GREAT! Eat lots of healthy fats and don't be hungry. I know intermittent fasting is very popular but how about NOT going hungry for your first month? :)
    1968 days ago
  • AWOLF24
    Good luck with Paleo - and here is to a fabulous 2013!!!!!!!!! emoticon
    1968 days ago
    What an energy!

    What is the reason for not measuring yourself daily until the 31st?

    How easy is to organize for paleo where you live? I noticed that in some countries it's "in the mainstream", I have even seen paleo bakeries, in other countries, it's more difficult.
    1968 days ago
    I think you finished off 2012 with a bang, and now you're starting 2013 the same way! Love your positive outlook!

    I eat basic low carb, but not specifically paleo. I'll look forward to reading about how the experience works for you. Good luck with that scale thing. I keep thinking about it too, but a whole month is too much for me. Maybe I'll try it for a week. Maybe...
    1968 days ago
    I am also giving the paleo/ primal thing a go. I was going to start the whole 30 this week but never got around to actually reading the book so I might start it next week when I start back to the gym hard core! Good luck, let me know how the program works for you this week!
    1968 days ago
    You can do it! YOU GO GIRL!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1968 days ago
    2013 is our year girl!! We started it off great and we will continue to do so! emoticon
    1968 days ago
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