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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year, everyone !

So, how am I starting out 2013 ? With a two week full time temp job at a local university. I'll be helping out on an IT support desk "subbing" for a person who is on vacation for the next two weeks. The good news is that I wasn't hired by a temp agency. I am being hired directly by the university. Which is great because I'll be in their system. That means I have a better chance of being hired internally since I'll already be an "employee".

Two weeks may not seem like a lot, but it's a start. After the two weeks I'll be acting like a teaching sub. They'll call me when they need me to fill in. Even though it's a temp job, it's nice to be working regular hours. And well, I wouldn't mind working for the university. But, trying to get a job there is like trying to break into Fort Knox, not easy. However, I at least have my foot in the door. If I don't get a job here, this temp job gets me skills and looks good on the resume.

Update, never heard back from the interview I went on in December. A friend of mine was shocked that companies don't reply with a yes/no anymore to people they interview. I told him that's not unusual. I've been on a number of interviews where I never heard back. That's just the way things are these days. I do know that the job was re-posted. So, that company didn't like any of the people they interviewed.

Anyway, because I'll be working full time for the next couple of weeks, I'll won't be Sparking that much during the week.

EDITED - Today, I just filled out the paperwork i.e. I9 forms, direct deposit forms, etc... Thursday morning will be my first full day starting at 9am. WOO HOO !
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