2013 New Year's Resolutions and a update

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Its hard to admit.... I was about 163 before the holidays and now I'm at 171.5! emoticon emoticon

The husband and I started a new gym. At the gym I got an assessment hat evaluates my physical/ healthy abilities. It was no shocker.... I did extremely well on the VO2 max text ( not sure if I am saying this right)... the trainer said he could tell that I run a lot and that I was in shape. I was above average for physical ability, which included a test on weight lifting. The only shocking part of the whole thing was to find out I have 46 pounds of fat on me! (27 % body fat)

After the assessment the trainer asked if I had any questions on the results... and I told him... " So the results really just say I'm a really fit fat person?!" That was the wake up call!

So since exercise is obviously not my problem, my new year resolutions are going to be more diet centered, with a couple of fitness stuff in as well:

1. I want to get down to at least 150, 145 is my ideal weight by late February or March
2. I am going back to the gym for the trainer to give me an exercise plan, which will include weights, so my next goal will be to keep up with the plan that he gives me.
3. I have joined Weight Watchers ( I briefly did WW for about 4 months in 2011 but didn't really track my food very well) and I want to track and stay within my point range each day.
4. Track my food in Sparkpeople at least 6 days out of the 7 days a week. Sparkpeople helps me see that I make sure to get enough protein ( which I think was my problem when I did WW in 2011) tp stay full
5. Workout 5 to 6 days a week
6. Get 7 - 9 hours a day of sleep
7. I am doing a couple of half marathons in February and March and I would like to get a time in the low 1:50's

I really want to lose this extra weight in 2013.... I have no excuses anymore.... Sammy is 17 months! I can't go on the excuse of " I just had a baby".

On other note Sammy is getting so big! He loves playing for hours at a time with his blocks, and I often take him to the park to play. He loves running in the grass at the park ( maybe he will be a future runner like his mama?) He goes to work with me , I do accounting at by husband's work.
I got a new job ( part time) late in 2012 doing accounting work for a school in Albuquerque. I go up to ABQ twice a month, and take Sammy with me, to get paperwork and work at the school, then I go back to Las Cruces and finish .the remainder of my work. This jobs really nice, since it pays very nicely! Sammy has both sets of grandparents ( my dad and my husband's mom and dad) there and they take turns watching him for me while I got to the school to work. Sammy has gotten to see his grandparents a lot more because of this, which makes me happy. My mom died when I was in college and that always makes me remember how people won't be around forever.

Some other non health related goals for 2013 for me are:
1. Help my MIL stay focused on her weight loss and help her succeed with WW ( she does WW as well, and was one of the reasons I first started and now joined back again). Its hard to lose weight, and she especial is having a hard time, but needs to lose the weight for health reasons so I want to be her motivator!
2. Take Sammy to the park to play at least once a week
3. Make more of an effort to see family.... my dad, brother, my husbands parents, my husbands sister and our niece.... I don't want to say next year we should do this... I want to do it this year!

Well sorry for the long ramble but there it is... my resolutions, mixed in with an update, for 2013!

Here's a picture of all three of us at a wedding in October:

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