Tuesday, January 01, 2013

I suppose many people take this opportunity to blog about how they will make changes in the year ahead. Hopefully, changes that will make them healthier... AND I do have and will share some of those, but 2013 will bring some other changes in my life and my family's life!

Two major changes involve my daughter... She has shown some tendencies toward ADHD (like her mother). She is very smart and generally very well behaved, but she has a hard time focusing and staying on task and is WILD, completely fully of energy and requiring VERY LITTLE SLEEP!! She will be starting Kindergarten this fall (another major change) and I want to address this issue w/diet modification, prior to her starting school. We are currently making some minor changes over the remainder of this week, but will be introducing major dietary changes, next week and beyond. We are going to try significantly reducing sugar, white flour, and other simple carbohydrates. Her hyperactivity is greatly affected by her intake of sugar and this type of dietary modification has worked very well for me... Granted, when I chose to no longer take stimulant medications to treat my ADHD and turned to diet modification instead, it was a bit easier b/c some of those foods were already eliminated b/c I have Celiac Disease. However, we have been discussing this for several months and she understands WHY we are doing this and is prepared. In fact, when I fixed her some "no sugar added" ice cream tonight, she actually said, "Mama, aren't I supposed to be having less sugar?? Are you SURE this is OK??" I explained that we were gradually making changes and since she ate all her meat and peas at dinner, it was fine for her to have a little bit of this particular dessert AND that I was very proud of her for asking... So, while it won't be EASY to make this change, I think it can be done and will produce a positive result!!

Obviously, the other BIG CHANGE that will occur in 2013 is my daughter going to school!! This will drastically change my life b/c right now we spend every waking (and the occasional sleeping) hour together!! I am going to have many, many hours alone every day, which I am hoping will give me the opportunity to get more done during the days, so I can devote even more time to my family at night... I will have more hours to devote to myself ("ME" TIME), my Church work and Sparkpeople without interfering with my "family time!" I'm actually striving to make it work, so I have MORE "family time!" Of course, I'm also praying for a positive, happy experience in school for my daughter!! Happy Kid = Happy Mom!!

My husband, who lost over 80 lbs in the past year, has asked me to continue to PUSH him and encourage him to lose another 10-20 lbs this year!! So, I share in this goal w/him. We are also continuing to work w/Skyy (our older Boykin Spaniel) on her weight loss. She has lost several pounds, but still has several to go... She unfortunately has reached somewhat of a "human induced plateau" b/c we have not been taking her for as many walks, due to the colder weather. I am a total wuss about the cold, as in anything below 60° F, but I've got to push past that and get back out w/her daily. It is not only good for her weight b/c also for her arthritis!

I really had some major (positive) mental health changes in the past few months, which is something I have always struggled with over the years, but especially since I chose to stop taking antidepressants several years ago. (Basically, I went off all prescription meds when I was pregnant with my daughter and chose to find other ways to deal w/my ADHD and depression/anxiety.) I have began to discover some of the roots of my depression and anxiety, and have been working to deal with those root causes, instead of simply dealing with the resulting symptoms. I am striving to continue to address these issues and improve my mental health w/the same dedication I give to my physical health.

With regards to my physical health, I'm tired of the "status quo" of maintenance... I've reached my THREE YEAR mark of maintenance and I'm ready to push farther!! I'm striving to eat even "cleaner" in 2013 and try to encourage my family members to do the same. I'm also pushing myself to "kick it up a notch" when it comes to my fitness. Most folks who know me and my fitness regimen would think I'm nuts (or more nuts), but I'm not striving for MORE exercise... Let's be honest, the average 3+ hours that I manage to work in daily, is by far enough!! Instead I'm striving to try new forms of fitness, focus on strengthening certain areas of my body, and possibly even try integrating some more jogging/running into my mundane daily outdoor/treadmill walks!!

Finally, I will be joining Golden Phoenix as Captain for BLC21... This is obviously another HUGE change for me and a HUGE responsibility. I am incredibly excited about the opportunity to work w/these amazing women, as they strive to soar through the lifelong journey that will lead them to sustainable physical and mental health!!
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    Great goals for the new year! Make sure to keep us posted on how the dietary changes go with your daughter. Sounds like you are on your way to becoming a very healthy household!
    2885 days ago
    Wow, Jane, sounds like you have really thought all this out. Good job! You are sure to reach your goals since you have thought about them so much. Good luck!!
    2885 days ago
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