New Year, New Goals

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Yes, I allowed my eating (and drinking) to get a bit out of control the past two weeks. Yes, I slacked off big time on the exercise. But guess what? I'm going to be okay. Even if I've gained a few pounds, they'll come right back off. So, moving on to my 2013 goals.

Last year was a super ginormously $hitty year. But I managed to hit my goal of 12,000 fitness minutes for the year. It was a modest goal, but with the year I had, it was a tiny bit challenging. I also did 438 miles of walking and jogging for the year. That's about 8.5 miles per week. I'm fairly certain I could top that with one hand tied behind my back. I did 5 today.

Here are the 2013 goals I've settled on:

15,000 fitness minutes for the year
700 miles for the year

Here's how it averages:

1,250 fitness minutes a month
288.5 fitness minutes a week (let's call it 290)
41.5 fitness minutes a day

13.5 miles per week on average

At the end of every quarter I'll reevaluate.

Moving on to food. I did pretty well beginning in July last year. I ate between 1000 and 1400 calories a day. I lost 40 pounds. I want to lose 20 more by the time I turn 50 on May 20. (50, Yikes!) That gives me exactly 20 weeks. Which means 1 pound per week. Very doable if I stay focused. I shall repeat what I did the last 6 months (save the last 2 weeks), and that should do it. That means track every morsel, weigh and measure, and keep alcohol to a minimum (even if it fits in my range, it metabolizes differently and knocks me out of whack). I also plan to increase veggies. I've learned if I've got a bunch cut up and bagged, I'll just chow down on them raw. Yum yum. Also key, getting 8 hours of sleep. My sleep has gotten out of whack of late--staying up too late and sleeping too late.

To kick-start the year and get me back on the straight and narrow, I'm going to keep my calories at the low end of my range for the month of January. And get my fitness minutes back up where they should be.

I need to plan a 2013 birthday beach trip as a reward.

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