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Whatever happened to ... update on my New Year's Resolution

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

You will recall that last New Year's Eve I made the resolution to walk 10,000 steps/day for all of 2012. I quickly (after having pneumonia in mid-January) realized that AVERAGING 10,000 steps/day was a lot more realistic that an absolute requirement: sick days, travel days, and weather happen to us all.

All spring I struggled at just under the 10,000/day average. Then, I went to Russia for two weeks and India for six and walked and walked and walked. I have several days well over 20,000 steps/day and I was averaging around 15,000 steps. Suddenly I was ahead of my goal and by the time I returned to the States it looked like I could coast until the end of the year.

And then October and November happened. Maybe some of you wondered where I had gone to. I hadn't given up on SparkPeople, but teaching was taking so much of my time. I didn't have time to spend a lot of time on these pages and my walking also suffered.

So, at the beginning of December, I realized that it was put up or shut up time. I had to average around 11,000 steps/day for the entire month to reach my goal. That wasn't easy: December in New Hampshire includes not only the holidays, but also some pretty bad weather. And so at dawn on December 31st I found myself with 3,647,993 steps, 12,007 steps shy of what I needed and with less than 12 hours of daylight in which to walk them. But my wife needed help around the house and there were people coming over ... so I got fatalistic and walked when I could.

I'm pleased to report that at 10:47 PM EST on December 31st - while walking around the block with my wife and a friend of ours, I crossed 3,660,000 steps, an average of ten thousand steps a day for the entire year. I even finished with a few steps to spare.

Doing this resolution has taught me so much about consistency, and making permanent changes in my lifestyle. I didn't realize it at the time, but I think it was the perfect New Year's Resolution for me.

And so, I've decided to repeat it for 2013. My resolution is once again to average 10,000 steps/day PLUS one more thing. I've always had tight hamstrings and so I also resolve to stretch every day with the hope that by the end of the year I'll be able to sit on the floor with my legs straight and together, grasp the soles of my feet with the palms of my hands and drop my elbows to the ground. And if I get there (no guarantees) I'll try working on touching my head to my knees in that same position. You can rest assured that if I make it, I'll post a picture here.

Keep on Sparkin' friends and don't forget to take a walk today.

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