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Good Bye Freshman 15 (25 years later)

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Let me start by saying this is not an amazing story. It's a terribly banal story, but it's mine. I lost 22 lb over 2 years, a good thing, but not the phenomenal story that many people on Spark have. I know that, but I want to wit this anyway.

Almost 3 years ago, at 140 lb, I decided I was tired of being a size 10 (forgive me). I had 2 small children, with no more planned, and it was time to do something about it. I noticed that I had just served myself a steak the size of a dinner plate, the same size as my husband's, and I wasn't even HUNGRY. And then I proceeded to eat it. The next day I made up my own "diet" (eating pattern) where I would eat meat (or poultry) no more than once a day, and no more than 4 oz. So if I had sausage with breakfast at the cafeteria at work, that was IT for the day (even though it was just 2 oz). Wild-caught fish were not included. That worked for a while, I lost 7 lb in 6 months, but then I stalled. Then I joined a gym, going 2x a week (while working 3 days a week) and THAT helped too, but after 6 more months, I had only lost about 5 more lb.

Then, in January of 2012 (a year ago), I decided to start working harder at the gym (but not longer, I don't like to exercise, I don't get any endorphine high reward from it, it's just work that is hard for me) and to follow the Special K high fiber plan (sortof) and limit my calories to 1200-1300 a day to lose the 5 lb I had put on over the holidays. I was tracking my own calories, but I made a recipe within a week that I needed nutrition info for, and I found Spark Recipes. WOW. I signed up right away, the database alone was a gold mine to me. I now have about 20 recipes in my file. I hit my goal (120) in April (10 lb lost) and the weight actually just kept coming off! I upped my calories to maintain 120 lb, but I'm stabilized around 116 or so, bumping between 114 and 117 usually (higher this week, I'll get it knocked back down though).

I actually weigh LESS now than I did when I started college. Unbelievable. I gave away all my size 10, 8 and even 6 clothes. I now buy a small or 4, which I have never done in my life (I think it's "size creep" though). I feel great, and I don't even beat myself up for indulging over the holidays, because I KNOW I CAN DO THIS.

Thank you Spark, you're FANTASTIC. emoticon
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