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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

For this new year, think about making goals instead of resolutions!

Making the commitment to change your life and then doing something about it can be the most important steps to create the life you desire. When you have difficulty understanding how capable you are of creating what you want, your own insecurities or doubts can derail you. When you are motivated and determined, however, you can hold yourself to the course you have chosen. You can use the power of positive thinking to propel you forward, as you stay focused on taking the necessary steps. By imagining change weaving into your life successfully, you create a mind-set that allows for the results you desire to manifest. Commit yourself to implementing change today, and you will find yourself fearlessly creating what you want in life.

Regardless of the specific goals you're trying to tackle this year, the best and most effective ones are always:

Picking and choosing one attainable goal at a time is easiest to achieve without biting off more than we can chew in our exuberance of the new year. Staying focused will accomplish so much more. For example, start by adding even just 5-10 more minutes of exercise per your choice of workout day (as opposed to the lofty goal of an extra hour, five days per week!). Unless you are of the nature that you know you can accomplish it and hold your own and you are the resolved type of personality that it's all or nothing This would be me! Otherwise it's should be one important change in diet and exercise at a time for most.

Specific and behavior-focused. "Eat 3 servings of fruits highest in antioxidants and 4-5 servings of GBOMBS Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms Berries and (Seeds one ounce) every day" is a specific behavior that you can observe and measure if you find it necessary and it helps with staying focused, while "eat healthier" is not easy to define.

Design your efforts with a reward in mind. Hold off on purchasing that new jacket, gadget or smart phone app until you meet your goal of eating right and exercising for those first couple of weeks; five to six days per week or setting that first goal of completing your first 5K this spring?

What I'm suggesting is taking on one thing at a time; one change in diet one change in activity level. Why, because for most folks overhauling their entire lifestyle at once can be too overwhelming and intense. This can cause discouragement and the feeling of failure and the reaction to give up and quit. So, if you are just embarking on this journey, don't be afraid to focus on the diet that first week or so, and then begin starting to focusing on increasing your activity levels in that third week later
Because you want to have some success to keep you going without encountering discouragement from the get go. Even if it just means feeling better in mind body and spirit without seeing the numbers on the scale even move.

Reviewed and revised often. Revisit your goals at the end of each week to see how well they're working for you Don't wait for an entire month at a time to pass before you evaluate your progress or add in a new challenge. Make any necessary changes to keep pushing through.

For those of you who count calories in calories out because of the weight loss program you chose to follow then do so with diligence. From the knowledge I've gained over the years when I did it is to make sure you are meeting the required amounts of 1200-1550 per day in a combination of fruits vegetables, complex carbs, dairy nuts and seeds; fibre.

Water intake should be no less than 4-6 8 ounce glasses a day if you are consuming high water content foods. If not then yes make sure you are drinking your 8 glasses a day. If you are a coffee drinker be sure to match that cup of coffee with at least 2 glasses of water because caffeinated drinks are dehydrating

Exercise; cardio and strength training. If you are not already into a daily/weekly routine start out gradually listen to your body You want successful achievements and be able to be consistent.
My routine; one day I do cardio, upper body strength training/toning, and abs.
Day two it's cardio, lower body strength training/toning and abs.
Myself, when it came to cardio it was walking 5-10 miles a day for that first month and then when I started out with my strength training/toning it was high reps 2-3 sets of 15 and low weights; 2-5 pounds that first week and then gradually increased both.
To date I am bench pressing 60 pounds on both upper and lower body. and an hour of cardio six days a week.

Always remember it's commitment, consistency and control We have the empowerment We ARE the empowerment.
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    Super ideas! Love the graphics and yes please to one goal at a time! Less stressful for sure that way!!

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