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Sparky New Year!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Well, it's time. I DID allow myself to indulge over Christmas, and was pleasantly surprised that after Christmas I still weighed 182 pounds, so I must have lost a little beforehand. Now it is time to start building up good habits again, and with any luck I'll be able to make them stick.

My goal for 2013 is to reach my goal weight of 154 pounds and learn to maintain. In order to do this I must:

1. Make exercise a priority.
Again and again, I have promised that I will exercise regularly, and it always fizzles out. This time I am recruiting DH as a walking buddy, and Wii Fit partner, and we will encourage each other to do at least one activity a day. I have also joined the Official January Jumpstart Fitness Challenge - and completed the first video!

2. Watch the booze.
Another major problem area for me is the wine. With Christmas and New Year's overindulgence finished, I now need to cut down. Now I am avoiding drinking unless we are socialising, and then limit to two small glasses per session. We have my father staying for New Year's Day, and so I had two tiny glasses of red wine with my lunch - 160ml total! A thoroughly enjoyable treat, and one that I can have from time to time.

3. Be sparing with treats.
Obviously with Christmas, there are chocolates etc. around and these will be a bit of a problem till they're gone. I received a box of Elizabeth Shaw chocolate crisps for Christmas, which I have shared around pretty much. I am allowing myself one of the remainder a day till they're finished. Fortunately, I'm not too bothered about sweet treats, but might miss crisps and nuts.

4. Proper Sparking.
The "other bits" of Sparking seem to make all the difference. I am going to try hard to get my eight hours of sleep a day (I only managed 7 last night, but had to stay up to see in the New Year!) and my eight glasses of water (6 so far today, and it's only just teatime). I also need to make more of an effort to get in all my freggies, so will try to add a piece of fresh fruit to my diet every day. I had a delicious satsuma this morning.

Reading the Spark Tips, I noticed that the recommendation was to add good things, rather than fixate on avoiding the bad. So I am adding these things to my life:

Fresh fruit

Happy Sparking!
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