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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Now that the holidays are coming to an end, I feel like we can finally get back to our regularly scheduled lives. Well with a twist. In this new year my husband and I are going Primal. We have edged close to it but never full on took the plunge. We are starting tomorrow. We are starting with the 21 Day Transformation. After that, if we still feel good about it then we will continue to live Primally. Now some of you are asking what the heck Primal is. It's an offshoot of Paleo. Months ago, Shane came to me and told me he wanted to try this diet. I had never heard of it. That right there led me to be somewhat skeptical. Seriously a diet or "lifestyle" that I had never heard of? Pssh, must be quackery. Then I researched it. Quackery at it's finest. Nothing about this sounded like anything I would even want to attempt. But ten I found . Finally in all of this craziness of absolutes and scientific jargon, I found someone who could fill me in using terms and reasoning I could understand. Granted this whole idea still took a long while to get used to.
My turning point came when I tried to follow South Beach. It had been my go to eating plan for about 5 years. It had always worked for me as long as I put in the effort. But since I had Elora, I'm different. It's something that I'm getting used to because I didn't feel this way after Sarane. My body works differently now. I feel hot all the time when I used to be cold always. Certain foods taste horrible that I used to love. Cheese makes me noticeably bloated after a few bites. And SB failed me. I stuck to it like a crazy person. Not only did I not lose weight and feel better, I gained weight and generally felt crappy. It threw me for a loop for sure. I had always felt great following SB. Why was I reacting this way? I feel odd that at 31 I am having to relearn my own body. I used to know it. Now not so much. So I'm giving this Primal thing a shot. It still seems off, but what seems more legit is no longer working for me. Then again, I've been over 200 lbs most of my adult life. So was the norm ever really working for me?
Now for my babies I'm not enthusiastic about them following anything like this. They are toddlers. So no Primal for them. We are taking them gluten free though. It seems that Sarane does better with limited breads, pastas and what not. So why not just go the extra step and say gluten free? Just to make sure she doesn't get too much. It's actually easier on me this way. I'm not going to be all fanatical about it though. Just like I'm not fanatical about being dairy free. They get yogurt whenever they want. Cheese occasionally. Ice cream is a special treat. Milk is an absolute no.
So now that you are up to speed with my plans, here are my "New Years resolutions".
1) Be a better example for my kids. They deserve the best so I need to try to be what they deserve.
2) Read an adult book a month. No I'm not talking XXX here. I mean I need to read something that doesn't feature Dora, Elmo, the poky little puppy or was written by Mother Goose. I love to read. It takes me to a better place. It's my "me" time. And I really need that!
3) Learn how to can. I am slowly becoming obsessed with homesteading. While it's not feasible for us right now (hello tiny apartment) canning seems to be a small part of it that would really be beneficial to us.
4) Reach level 90 on WoW. Yes I admit it. I have a new found love of gaming. Turns out I don't completely suck at it like I always thought! Right now I have a 44 druid and an 8 hunter. I've only been playing for a few months and my hunter is brand new this week.
5) Get Sarane potty trained! It really is time but she is just so stubborn!
6) Stop allowing myself to give up. I've got excuses up the wazoo. I need to stop with them and take responsibility for my own actions.
7) Have more fun. I stress about everything. I need to turn the volume down on that station a little more and allow myself to enjoy my time on this planet.
8) (this is on my list every year!) Stop caring what other people think. I make progress on this every year. I am proud of the strides I've made in this area and hope to continue it.
9) Keep up on housework. This kinda goes with #6. I hate to clean but I know it's got to be done. So I'm going to take a new approach this year. I little bit every day. Instead of letting everything pile up and become overwhelming.
10) Log everything right here. I want to be able to look at this next year and go through all of my ups and downs. I want to see how far I'm going and I want to make sure I don't slip backwards. Y'all will help keep me motivated right?
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    Sounds like you have your goals well in hand, specific to what you want to accomplish and reasonable. I hope 2013 is a great year for you!
    2295 days ago
    I hope it all comes together for you and you guys enjoy it
    2299 days ago
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