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New Year, New Things, New Challenge, New Team

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

What a week this has been! i have enjoyed so much and a lot were new to me - at least lately! And best of all - it's all been good.

Saturday I went to the Outlet Store to see if there was anything there i might like. Did I ever strike gold!!! They had started their end of the year sale and did I take advantage! I ended up with the following:

A blue jean jacket
A teal shrug
2 bras - one lavender and one black
A trumpet skirt in a pretty print
A Gators t-shirt with some sequins on the front
A dressier pair of pants in a houndstooth pattern

That's 7 items. And the bill? Are you ready? I got a little over $2 back from $40.00!! That averaged at $5 plus tax per item. I felt I did really well. And I found i wear a junior small or medium in dresses! I passed on all the ones I tried on, though.

Yesterday one of our neighbors came by and invited us to stop by this past evening. I decided to get brave and go. It has been nearly six years since I have done this. I have blogged before about missing female friendship in person. I decided since i was challenging myself to trying new things, I might as well start by doing something i haven't done in years. No, it isn't exactly new, but certainly a renewal! We truly enjoyed ourselves. Best of all - I got to spread the Spark by talking about my getting to goal in 2012. From the response i got from the ladies there, I'm pretty sure one is going to join Spark with the possibility of a second!! There it was - something renewed, meeting brand new friends, and getting to spread the Spark. it doesn't get any better.

When i got home and did some thinking, I started a new team for those who wish to join me in my new challenge of trying something new each week all year. I named it "New Year, New Things 52 in 2013." This is the link for it: www.sparkpeople.com/mysp

I am inviting anyone who wishes to give this challenge a try to join the team. Most likely I'll spend some time today coming up with a list of suggestions of things you might wish to try. I would also like to extend an invitation to anyone who might like to help out as a co-leader to let me know, and I'll be happy to add you. It won't take much other than visit once or twice a week to post and see if there is anything you would like to start, ie: other challenges, games, questions. I haven't decided what my very first challenge will be yet. That said, i've never started a team from scratch, so doing that is already a new thing in the new year.

My Spark journey continues on, working on maintaining. One of the new neighbors i met last evening, teaches an exercise class 3 times a week at our community center. She told me each year draws less members. Isn't that sad? At one point - when i first moved here - everyone knew everyone else and it was like a big happy family with an occasional hiccup. But the makeup of the area is changing, and this is one of the things gratefully affected. There are a lot more young families where before it was more of a retirement community. That said, she tells me many of the ladies will simply leave if they find an exercise too challenging. I told her she may find a lot of Coach Nicole's videos containing things she can use that would have different levels to include everyone being able to do them without problems. All of this has been on my mind and may be something else new for me to try - helping out with the classes. This new year of 2013 seems to me that is going to be one of the best ever, no matter what happens. It is already starting in a very positive way and that is the most important thing. Each day can bring a new challenge, and how we handle things, is what helps determine our success. Hopefully we can all meet whatever is thrown at us with in a positive way and with grace.


My January Goals:

Health and Fitness:

1. Continue to maintain goal weight
2. Track both food and exercise daily
3. When I mess up, not to be hard on myself, rather pick myself up and start brand new with my next meal, exercise, etc.
4. Continue with weekly weigh-ins and immediate corrections if i gain more than 5 pounds.
5. To try to make the wisest choices I can for myself to remain as healthy as i can be.


1. To stay as positive as i can no matter what comes my way.
2. Make a real attempt to "downsize" and organize.
3. Stay in close contact with my family an friends.
4. Write! Write! Write!
5. Try my very best to give more than i get in this journey we call life.


We all make choices in our life. What we chose and when we chose them determines what our lives will be and how successful we are for what we want in - or sometimes out - of those lives. I declaring a weekly challenge for the year. But in truth we all face a challenge each day. Some are new, others we see over and over. Once more it is how we react that helps determine our outlook on life. Gee, it only took me 63 years to reach these conclusions, but at least i did. Since then i have become a much happier, healthier individual.

My wish for you, my Buddies, is to have the best year possible in 2013. May you achieve all you want, continue your own journeys in a positive way, make all those wonderful, wise choices, and be the best you as is possible.

Peace, Love, Health, Joy, and Hope

Bob and i in London 2000

Bob and I in 2012
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