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I Challenge You!

Monday, December 31, 2012

So my "mission" has returned and I'm extending it out to each and everyone around me. I don't think I know a single person that is happy with their body, for what ever reason. Be it weight, skin, size of this that.

My challenge is for you to change that. Take a few moments to consider how you feel on a regular basis. Is it tired, run down? Just crappy but can't put your finger on it? Now think about your environment, the things you slather on your skin, the chemicals you use, what's touching your skin. What do you put in your mouth? Have you taken a moment to think about what is in the chemicals you are using? Did you realize that your skin absorbs those chemicals, even if you wash them off? Does it occur to you that the box of macaroni and cheese isn't food but actually a combination of chemicals we label as food?

Now think about the laws of nature. Nature is set up to work flawlessly, and yet we insist on interfering with those processes.

I now have to laugh at myself, because I used to be the person "do NOT eat it, if it fell on the floor" "do you know how many germs are on that?" I'd be better off eat a banana that fell in the mud than drinking ANYTHING other than maybe water. Did you know that energy drinks have the capability to corrode cement? And I know many people that drink them. I know I have.

First Challenge: If nothing else comes out of this, at least educate yourself on how your body works and what you are surrounding it with, and what you are putting into your body.

Second Challenge: Throw out the calorie tracker, the scale, the tape measure. And pay attention to how you FEEL. And WHY you feel that way.

Third Challenge: Get involved with your food as much as possible. Where it comes from, get as little distance between you and your food. If you can't find a farmer, then find a place that gets food from a farmer. Pay attention to how it's taken care of. That means finding out how the Chickens are treated and eating even though you just want the eggs.

Fourth Challenge: Get rid of the chemicals! Beauty products, cleaners... Find a "cleaner" way. The lotion you use to moisturize you skin is a chemical. The mountain dew you want/did drink is a chemical. Use air freshener? Buy a plant.

And these challenges are NOT all or nothing! Something matters even if it's just a little something! However the more you change the bigger the difference. If you get rid of all the processed food and start eating real foods you will lose weight. Why? Because you will no longer be starving yourself. Get rid of the chemicals and you will feel better and look better.

So I was watching this documentary last night called "Hungry for Change" and the majority of the content was not anything new. However it did make me think about things just a little bit more. One thing it brought up was "skin" our skin is a mirror of our environment and diet. The skin is the LAST organ to recieve nutrients. Which means if there isn't enough the skin will recieve the least. It's also the organ that makes contact with all of it's surroundings. The skin is a semipermeable barrier which means that it absorbs the environment around it.

Now you may be thinking that I am crazy, it's just too much work. Blah, blah, blah. If you are looking only to lose weight by all means keep restricting your calories and putting endless hours into the treadmill. BUT if you are sincerely looking to change your life? This may work for you.

What will you do to have more energy, take less/no medication, wake up feeling good? You do need exercise to be healthy. But what you are eating will have the largest impact on your body overall. You won't have the energy to work out, if all you are eating is protein bars.

I'm looking for change. I want easier access to fresh food that is chemical free. The only way it will become more prevelant is if that's what the people want. I also want to see people healthier.

I'll get off my soap box now. :)
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