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A Question about jewellery (a ring) anyone? (I added an update to this)

Monday, December 31, 2012

i got a ring for christmas. the local jeweller said it cannot be resized because of the narrow rails and small baguette (?) diamonds being too delicate they would pop out. when i phoned the store it was bought at, they said most rings come only in a size 7. so, i need a size 8, but, they don't make womens' rings in size 8???

it almost fits. i'm sure if i lost weight, it would fit. i really like it and my choice seems to be to return it and get something totally different (if they have anything that fits) which would also be of lesser value because my dh got this on sale and there is no longer a sale; lose weight (most desirable, but, hasn't happened yet); or return it and go somewhere else; or, i guess, i could wear it on a chain around my neck (til i lost weight emoticon ).

i have never really had any nice jewellery before and MY MAIN QUESTION IS, do they really only make rings in a size 7 or was she bs'ing me? sounds weird to say only people with size 7 fingers can have diamond rings.

of course this ring had to be resized too. so, we left it there and a week later they called that is was ready. i went and picked it up yesterday. well, first of all when she took it out of the envelope, i said that's not the right ring. she compared my sales slip with their copy, said it was. i said i'm pretty sure i got a yellow gold ring and this is white gold (the style was the same though). she showed me the serial numbers on the sales slip and said wg stood for white gold. i called my dh and my mom. of course dh didn't remember at all. but, my mom said for sure it was yellow gold. then i was looking at it and realized the circle was crooked, they did a poor job resizing it. at this point, i was ready to lose it.
finally, the manager came out and we (the clerk and i) explained to her the situation and she looked at me and said, yes, i remember you and you are right you did pick a yellow gold one. now, i saw the clerk put the ring in the envelope in front of me. how on earth did i get the wrong one back????
she was happy to take the ring back and get my original order done. but, i live an hour away from this place in another town. i don't have time and i hate driving that highway in the winter and we have now been down 3 times. the thought of having to go back again almost made me want to cry.
after more discussion and some research on the internet and trying on some different colored rings i decided to keep the white gold (the original one my dh bought was white gold) and instead of leaving it there to fix the poor resize job, she said anytime i was back on a saturday or sunday they would fix it then and it would only take 30 minutes or so. so, i have a ring finally. but, it wasn't exactly the most joyous thing for me. i don't really wear jewellery and i found this to be such a frustrating experience. emoticon
but, the ring is very pretty and i am enjoying looking at it. and it means that after 17 years my dh is finally going make an honest woman out of me... emoticon
i can't even imagine how stressful i will find planning some kind of wedding...omg emoticon
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    Rings come in every size. Normally they are sized up by cutting the ring, spreading it, and soldering another piece of the same material in the hole. If it only needs to be a little larger you can size them up by puting them on a ring mandril and carefully hammering the shank until it expands to the right size. You might need to anneal the metal if it's a big expansion.

    A good jewler should be able to size it - but might charge more than the ring cost to start.

    There are still a couple of side diamonds in my cellar somewhere. He should take the side stones out if he's afraid of them.
    2417 days ago
  • ZENXB!
    A good jeweler would resize it, somehow. It may cost a little more, but should be able to be done. Nice jewelry should not be worn around your neck, and should not be kept "incase" someday it will fit. Wear it with pride, after you get it fixed. You will feel great once you have it on. PS - Size 8 is not uncommon.
    2426 days ago
    Definitely take it to a jeweler that has a shop onsite and does repairs. If they tell you that it CAN'T be resized (esp up, adding metal usually costs more, but 1 size isn't THAT bad) due to the baguettes in a tension/channel setting, then they really have nothing to lose but the job, right? A really GOOD shop would probably offer to have it appraised for insurance purposes, and if you need to add metal to the "underside" of the ring where there is/are stone(s) in the way, then MOST jewelers like pretty rocks, and they may even do it for the value of the stone they take out if necessary. Don't wait, enjoy your gift without the feeling that you aren't somehow "enough" yet. Eventually when you lose the weight, having it made smaller will be a PLEASURE to pay for!
    2426 days ago
    Rings come in all sizes and "most" can be re-sized, however... if it's the baguettes in a channel type setting, sometimes they cannot due to the design of them. I had one ring that couldn't be resized, so it is a possibility.

    That being said tho, I would definitely take it to another jeweler and get a second opinion about it.
    2426 days ago
    I don't know what store he bought it at, but most name brand stores sell rings in different sizes or are able to resize a ring for a price. I would either wear it on a necklace or take it around to different stores and see what they say about resizing.
    2426 days ago
    I would say find a different jeweler who can resize it. I suspect some don't have the skill to do it but are embarassed to say so. On the other hand waiting until it fits might result in the bigger reward and wearing on a chain in the meantime sounds like a great solution.
    2426 days ago
    I've never heard of such a thing.

    I'd go poking around online.

    Good Luck
    2426 days ago
    I didn't realize that rings only come in a size 7 anymore, that is ridiculous! Also never heard of a ring that couldn't be resized unless it is an opal because they are so soft. Hope it works out for you.
    2426 days ago
    I think I would go to another jewelry store and check it out with them .... I'm sure any resizing requires resetting of any stones that are in it to make sure they stay in tact .... how about wearing it on your pinkie finger? but on a necklace would be great .... I would not want to disappoint my DH by returning it as it would have been what he picked out for me .... good luck my friend ... Roc
    2426 days ago
    My son was just shopping for his girlfriend's ring and yes, that's what they sell now. Then they sell you a $35. or $40. insurance package that includes the ring resizing.

    I've never heard of a ring not being able to be resized, though. I would check around on that. Maybe there's a reason your particular one might be difficult, but I'm sure it can be done.
    2426 days ago
    Sounds strange to me. I have to wear my wedding rings around my neck.
    2426 days ago
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