have i been avoiding writing this blog? (update and reflections on the end of 2012)

Monday, December 31, 2012


i suppose i have because i don't like admitting failure, even it i know why things happened, and how. i am no longer doing the running/walking routine. it started with my feet hurting when i ran, and then the rain keeping me from walking around the complex... and then going away on an amazing getaway for my birthday that was mostly about reading my book, bonding with my man, and going on game drives. (sorry, no pictures... but it was stunning!)

i would say that i felt bad about it, and i suppose i did.... for about a day. the fact is, while i miss walking, i miss having it as part of my daily life. it started to feel very artificial and contrived. i mean, i was doing laps around my complex just to be able to say that i had walked. i honestly just miss having a life where walking is part of the routine - the way of going shopping, or visiting friends.

after the getaway, i decided to go back to weight lifting. i recently upgraded to the iphone 5 (which i love, in case you were wondering), and i'm loving the "there's an app for that" mentality. i now have an app for tracking my gym workouts... works WAY better than trying to keep track with just a notepad app on my blackberry. i've restarted the new rules of lifting for women, starting from stage 2. i was doing heavy lifting before at the gym, but it's obvious to me now that using a pre-made program/routine is more efficient and successful. it ensures that i work every body part in balance. also, it takes my brain out of the equation, which is sorta nice to do at the gym!

i went for a chinese massage this weekend. it was amazing! i had gone for thai and sports massages in the past, but my favorite sushi place's owners opened this place and it is fantastic. chinese massage is linked with chinese medicine and is not just about rubbing and making muscles feel better. holy crap!! i couldn't believe how sore it was in places. especially the back of my knee. the therapist explained that there were blockages in my lymphatic system which caused my back pain, something she could tell from the back of my knees, apparently... anyway, it was really nice and i will definitely be going back for more. i suppose i'm a glutton for punishment.

anyway, it's the end of 2012 here. 30 minutes until 2013. i am not one to make new years resolutions - i resolve throughout the year and continually strive to improve myself. that said, it is a nice moment to look back on 2012 and look forward to 2013!

emoticon in 2012, i married the love of my life on our 5 year anniversary. it was wonderful and married life has been fantastic. i can't wait to see what the coming year holds for us. i never imagined i could be happier than i already was, but somehow i am!

emoticon in 2012, i left my job at a company whose values i found unacceptable. the poor management has now led to the company collapsing (after 15 years of business). i am VERY grateful that i got out when i did.

emoticon in 2012, i started working freelance... and LOVING it. i am so happy, and have fantastic work lined up for 2013. I am excited to see what happens in 2013 as i'm feeling confident and happy in my endeavors.

emoticon my social network expanded in 2012. i have kept my old friends, while widening my social circle. it is a wonderful situation, despite the occasional conflicts it causes. i'm excited to spend time with these people in 2013.

emoticon finally, i feel like 2012 has been a year of reorganizing and settling it. my love and i both changed jobs this year, we got married and we made friends with a whole new group of people. i am VERY happy with the changes we have made this year, and i'm looking forward to enjoying the results of those changes in 2013. i have a good feeling about this year!

so, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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