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SHRED for 2013

Monday, December 31, 2012

So I stepped off the scale a few weeks ago and indulged in Holiday festivities. Today is my restart day. Time to get back on the wagon as I am so close to my goal. Let's start with honesty and who is more honest then my good friend Lilly AKA the scale emoticon
187 is what she said this morning emoticon I should not be surprised considering the amount of food I have eaten this week alone. No need to cry about the nearly 7 lb weight gain just time to put a plan in action.

Last week I had heard Dr. Ian Smith on the radio talking about his new book SHRED. So I downloaded it on my new Kindle (thank you Santa) and started reading through it.
Bascially it a 6 week meal and exercise plan that is supposed to jump start your weight loss, especially if you are near the end (like me and these last 20 pounds!). So I really hate meal plans and restriction but I thought I would try it. emoticon

The plan has me eating like every 2 hours which I thought would be no problem. But it is harder than it looks. 4 Meals and 3 Snacks for Day 1. I just finished Meal 2 and Snack 2 that I had to combine to get back on schedule. All meals have to consumed with 1 cup of water before and 1 cup during the meal. Here is what today looks like so far
Meal 1 @ 9 am
banana cream yogurt
1 orange
1 cup apple juice
Snack 1 @ 11 am (I was supposed to eat at 10:30)
40 goldfish crackers
1 small coffee
Meal 2 @ 1 pm (supposed to eat at 12:30 pm)
1 banana- took my banana and ate it on the go since I took my son shopping
1 bowl tomato bisque soup - I did not eat this until later
Snack 2 & Finish Meal 2 @ 3:30
1 bowl tomato bisque
1 bag extra thin pretzels
So that is where I am now and it almost 4 pm. I have 2 more meals and a snack before the end of the night. Writing it I thought I would be starving but I am actually full. I logged the food into my tracker to make sure I was eating balanced. Today is high in fiber but low in protein and fat.
What's left to eat today
Meal 3
small garden salad, 1 serving of veggie + 4-6 ounces protein (chicken, turkey or fish)
Meal 4
3 servings of veggies, 1 cup of beans
Snack 3
100 calories or less
The plan says no "doubling up" on meals and it also says that I don't have to eat all the food but I should not skip meals emoticon

Well we will see - as long as I get enough calories and am not hungry I think I can rock out these 6 weeks emoticon
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